fibercementWichita area homeowners interested in the design flexibility should consider fiber cement siding products. This particular cladding system has an exciting range of top coat colors that allows you to express your particular style with ease. The character of each home can be captured perfectly with these dynamic products. We can also offer homeowners their choice of attractive premium stain coatings that capture the natural look of real wood. You can enjoy the appearance of genuine wood siding without the expense and without sacrificing durability or dependability.


Great Value for You and Your Home

Fiber cement cladding products are known for their exceptional value. Not only does this siding variety consistently outperform equivalent wood paneling, brands like ColorMax and Certainteed WeatherBoards offer some of the strongest, most reliable fiber cement products in the industry. We are pleased to make both these brands available to our customers. There are other value-rich properties to consider:

  • Fiber cement siding carries a Class 1 (A) fire rating
  • Will not rot
  • Resistant to UV rays and the effects of salt spray
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Consistent quality throughout
  • Inter-laminate bond strength resists damage from freeze/thaw cycles
  • Sealant and primers protect against moisture-related damage

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Options

Another great characteristic of fiber cement siding is its reduced environmental impact. We sell items that have been manufactured with 30% post-industrial recycled fly ash. This prevents the disposal of 50,000 tons of fly ash into landfills. The water used by the plants producing the fiber cement products we offer is also recycled, which results savings in excess of 1.5 billion gallons. These and other reasons make fiber cement an exceptional choice if you wish to make your home a little more eco-friendly.

Benefits of Our Fiber Cement Siding


The Fiber Cement Siding products we sell are manufactured using 30% post-industrial recycled fly ash. This helps our environment by diverting more than 50,000 tons of fly ash from landfills every year. The water used in our manufacturing plants is also recycled, resulting in a yearly savings of more than 1.5 billion gallons of water. These qualities, in addition to the durability of the Fiber Cement Siding, make our product the best choice for your home and for the environment.


VALUEOur beauty is more than skin deep. Fiber Cement Siding consistently outperforms wood and other siding. The superior technology of Certainteed WeatherBoards™ and ColorMax™ offers the strongest, most durable fiber cement siding in the industry.

  • Consistent quality and excellent dimensional stability
  • Class 1 (A) Fire Rating
  • Impervious to wood-boring insects
  • Resists damaging effects of salt spray and UV rays
  • Will not rot

DURABILITYEnjoy the lasting features and handsome appearance of wood without all the upkeep.The real difference between the Fiber Cement Siding Mid America carries and similar products is in the material. It’s stronger and built to take on the elements (and then some).

  • Higher inter-laminate bond strength means superior freeze/thaw protection
  • Certainteed FiberTect® Sealant/Primer protects against damaging moisture
  • Resists everyday bumps and harmful impacts
  • 50-year limited transferable warranty

Fiber Cement Top Coats

 We encourage you to express yourself through your home. Our siding comes in many colors to help you create a palette that shows everyone who you are.

Whether you're warm and traditional or bold and dramatic you can paint your MAE installed Certainteed FiberTect®-sealed siding any color you want.


The technologically advanced, factory-applied sealant that MAE recommends is a priming system engineered to seal against moisture. Our sealant offers you the added freedom to choose any color you desire with the security of knowing that the paint will bond more permanently to the siding for a longer lasting, better looking finish. Better yet, choose from the selection of designer colors (right) offered by MAE.

The prefinish topcoat is a highly protective coating developed for Mid America Exteriors Fiber Cement Siding. It is factory-applied over our sealant, and offers an outstanding coating warranty of up to 25years, depending on options selected*.


Fiber Cement Premium Stain Coatings

If you are looking for the elegance of stained wood, Mid America Exteriors, has you covered with CertainTeed WeatherBoards.

Our fiber cement siding is available prefinished in your choice of six premium stains. It features a 100% acrylic latex coating that protects the finish against the elements: rain, sleet, snow and wind. Even the sun won’t cause it to crack, peel or flake.


Stain coatings are machine-applied to the siding. These stains feature a 12-year limited coating warranty*.

So if you want to simulate the natural beauty of wood with siding that’s easy to maintain, choose Mid America Exteriors Fiber Cement Siding.



Looking for something with a little more style for your new siding. We have many different shapes, styles, and textures for our siding range which can transform your home! Explore all that you can achieve with fiber cement siding from Mid America using the options below.


Lap Siding offers you a range of panels with realistic grains and textures. Select from dutchlap, beaded and traditional lap profiles in a generous range of exposure.



Whether you choose stucco, cedar or smooth, our vertical panels look very much like the real thing. We have a wide choice of sizes so you can open the door to design flexibility.



Here at Mid America Exterior we know that details can make all the difference. Our Siding Shapes decorative panels highlight your home’s architectural personality to create distinction.

Suitable for accents, intermediate and full-wall applications, Shapes have deep, authentic textures and create dramatic shadow lines that will make your home stand out.