Vinyl Siding for Wichita Homes

vinylSiding products help protect homes against environmental damage, weather, and the march of time. Today, vinyl siding is every homeowner’s first choice. Vinyl is highly durable, easy to care for, and available in many designer colors. The siding technicians at Mid America Exteriors have extensive experience installing all types of vinyl cladding products. We offer some of the premium vinyl siding products on the market. Whether you wish to replace existing siding, update the exterior of your home with the help of new siding, or learn more about vinyl siding maintenance, call Mid America Exteriors first.

Consider Insulated Siding

Along with its other important advantages, premium vinyl siding can provide valuable insulation benefits. Siding designed to have insulating properties is engineered for quality and for visual appeal; you do not have to sacrifice appearance for function when you choose this particular siding product.

Insulated siding products can increase your home’s energy efficiency by 25%. This translates to a significant savings in both heating and cooling costs. Noise is also blocked by the durable construction of insulated cladding.

There are other features that distinguish insulated siding, including:

  • Easy installation
  • The look and feel of authentic wood
  • Greater resistance to impact damage than regular foam-based siding
  • Retains 97% of its resistance to heat flow (R-value)
  • Withstands wind load of up to 160 MPH
  • Unlike fiber cement siding, this siding variety requires no caulking, priming, painting, or patching

Performance Siding

Performance vinyl siding has an even greater attention to visual detail than insulated and structure siding products do. This is an excellent choice if you really want to call attention to your home’s architectural details. The increased locking area offers a high degree of stability and the reinforced nail hem provides significant wind load resistance. This product is designed to withstand winds of up to 190 MPH and has been independently tested to this strength.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

BEAUTYVinyl provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a ranch, add character to a colonial or even recreate a Victorian. Moreover, you can select siding that will be consistent with your home’s design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes.
DURABILITYVinyl is now the number-one siding material available. And for good reason: Nothing beats vinyl siding, accessories and trim for sheer endurance. Unlike many other siding materials, vinyl is impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow. And vinyl won’t rot, peel, dent or show scratches, nor will it ever need painting. A simple soap-and-water rinse once a year is all the vinyl siding maintenance required to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood.
vinylside2vinylside1Vinyl siding is a great investment. Residing a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback. And, if you reside with vinyl, you can often recoup 100% or more of your investment. As Wichita’s premier supplier of vinyl building products, we will always recommend the best value product for the job.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Mid America Exteriors offers a range of premium insulated vinyl siding. The Structure® EPS Premium Insulated Siding by Alcoa is engineered for advanced quality and a great look.

Structure siding is a premium vinyl siding bonded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. Structure provides superior strength, style and performance and a significant improvement in your home’s R-Value (resistance to heat flow). This panel can withstands winds up to 160 mph!


When it comes to insulation, thicker is better. Wrap your home in one of the thickest insulated siding products in the industry today. With our insulated vinyl siding, you’ll add to your homes resistance to heat loss by R-4. That’s an average increase of 25% in you home’s insulation. At the same time, you’ll reduce the noise level by as much as 30% from outside sources. The result is lower energy costs throughout the year and a much quieter, more comfortable home environment.


  • Looks and feels like solid wood – The premium insulated foam is 30% more impact resistant that standard foam.
  • Easy to install – Lightweight, flexible, easy to handle and cut with vitually no debris
  • Energy efficient – Improves R-value by 25%. Reduces energy costs.
  • Superior performance – Retains 97% of its R-value over time. Withstands 160 mph wind load.
  • Won’t promote mold and mildew – Retains less water than other products.
  • Quiet comfort every day – Filters sound better than other products.
  • Maintenance free – Unlike fiber cement, requires no caulking, patching, priming or painting.

Insulated Vinyl Styles

Insulated Vinyl Colors



Premium Vinyl Siding

Mid America Exteriors is proud to offer the pinnacle of sophisticated fashion with the authentic look of American cedar in freshly painted clapboard and natural stained woodgrain design.

Choose this high-performance, premium panel to deliver the stability, durability and enduring beauty that’s as grand as your home. Our Premium line is the the perfect compliment to your home.


  • Reinforced nail hem gives higher wind load resistance; certified by independent testing to withstand 190-mile-per-hour winds.
  • Oversized lock for greater stability and increased locking area
  • 3/4″ profile height means greater rigidity than standard vinyl siding.
  • Nominal .046″ thickness means more impact resistance and added strength.
  • Exclusive locking mechanism offers more locking area than standard vinyl siding.
  • Engineered for stronger performance.
  • Withstands winds up to 190 mile-per-hour.
  • .046” thickness for strength and durability.
  • Kynar 500 Protection – Vinyl siding’s cedar-look colors are manufactured with an exclusive thermal binding process using weather resistant polymers and Kynar 500 resin for superior weatherability and color retention.

Premium Vinyl Styles