While beautiful custom windows certainly add a touch of elegance to any home in Wichita, KS and Hutchinson, these transparent shields can be used for much more than style alone. In fact, at Mid America Exteriors our windows offer significant energy savings as well as protection from damaging winds, among many other benefits. With over 20 years in the business, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the most up to date, environmentally friendly, and highest quality products available.

The Mid America Exteriors Advantage

Our specialty Omega12™ windows outshine the competition in more ways than one. Many brands of windows rely on Low-E single or double layer technology, but we incorporate twelve layers of different reflective coatings to achieve optimal energy savings and UV protection. Our windows provide superior:

  • Insulation: Our windows are engineered to have R-Factor ratings of 4.35 or higher, which is well above the next best rating.
  • Energy Retention: Our windows retain upwards of 87% of energy, making them some of the most efficient models on the market and lowering your monthly energy bill.
  • UV Ray Protection: Thanks to their multiple layers of protective coating, our windows block out as much as 94% of harmful UV rays, while the next best thing only keeps out 38%. The more UV blockage your windows provide, the less your furnishings and fabrics will fade.
  • Condensation Reduction: Our XLEdge Spacer System windows reduce pesky condensation with warmer edge temperatures.
  • Wind Protection: FiberCore™ Fiberglass Structural Technology makes our windows some of the strongest available and able to withstand winds up to 190mph.
  • Self-Cleaning Properties: Give yourself one less chore to do around the house by installing SunClean™, a self-cleaning system for windows.

These are just some of the best advantages to installing energy-efficient windows with Mid America Exteriors.

Mid America Exteriors has the advantage over their competitors who offer single layer Low-E coating structures. MAE incorporate multiple layers of heat reflective metallic coating into our panes of glass. The diagram below shows our Omega12™ windows on the far right and the competitors lesser layer windows to the left.




Mid America Exteriors XLEdge Spacer System takes high-performing spacer technology to an entire new level. Glass systems featuring the XLEdge Spacer System reduce condensation around the perimeter of the window.

Our Glass Really Stacks Up

ultrauvssdiagramThe glass on different brands of windows may look the same, but it's amazing the energy our 8 layers of high-performance metallic shields will save you. You can't see them, but they're working for you, night and day, winter and summer.

Advantages to our Windows

  • Manufactured with "green" principles in mind to help our environment.
  • Energy efficient manufacturing means YOU are helping the environment too.
  • Designed with FiberCore™ Fiberglass Structural Technology to increase strength and durability.
  • We offer windows that boast 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows.
  • Built to stand up to F3 tornado winds of up to 190 mph.
  • Our windows are self cleaning when you add SunClean™.