Picture Windows

Beautiful Picture Windows for Wichita Area Homes

Your home’s windows are a very important part of its exterior architecture. At Mid America Exteriors, we want to help our customers select exactly the right picture windows to enhance their property. Thanks to our exceptional glass systems and wide selection of window models, we can help you find exactly the right picture window for your home. In fact, we offer an extensive selection of specialty and picture windows from leading replacement window manufacturers. You can feel entirely confident about the quality, durability, and energy efficiency of each window we install.

Is a Picture Window the Right Choice for You?

Picture windows are one of the most attractive of all window features. However, many people today are reluctant to buy homes with picture windows, fearing that these large fixtures are going to be significant energy drains. While it is true that poorly designed picture windows can detract from a house’s overall energy efficiency, there are ways to improve a picture window’s energy profile. Further, it may be possible to portion out an existing picture window into multiple smaller panes, thereby preserving a lovely view of the property and still retaining valuable energy efficient properties.

A Window Is More Than a Frame

A window’s frame and overall form might be the quality that draws the eye, though the glass inside a window is also very important. We offer specialized glass systems that have multiple coatings of reflective metal layers. This is important for several reasons:

  • These reflective layers resist external temperature changes and preserve the interior temperature at a comfortable level.
  • Multiple coatings provide more comprehensive protection.
  • Panes of glass with multiple coatings retain a greater degree of heat resistance over time.