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Bi-fold Windows Installation Wichita

Bi-fold Windows Installation in Wichita, KS by Mid America Exteriors

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing high-quality bi-fold windows for homes in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an established home improvement company, we understand how important it is to choose the right bi-fold windows to match your home’s style and meet your needs.

What are Bi-fold Windows?

What are Bi-fold Windows?

Operable Windows that Fold

Bi-fold windows are operable windows that fold into each other, similar to accordion-style doors. When open, the panes stack neatly to the side without protruding out which makes them perfect for rooms with limited space. Bi-folds give you the flexibility of opening them fully for maximum ventilation or just partially to let in some fresh air.

Customizable to Any Size

One of the best features of bi-fold windows is that they can be built to practically any custom size to perfectly fit your unique window openings. We offer standard sizes as well as fully custom options to design bifold windows tailored to your exact specifications.

Made of Durable, Insulated Glass

Our bi-fold windows feature thick, double or triple insulated glass that folds smoothly on stainless steel hinges while providing excellent insulation. We use strong and long-lasting construction that resists weathering and wear-and-tear over years of use.

Benefits of Installing Bi-fold Windows

Installing well-crafted bi-fold windows provides Wichita, KS homeowners a variety of helpful benefits:

  • Increased Ventilation & Temperature Control – Bi-fold window panes fold neatly out of the way to allow maximum fresh airflow during pleasant weather. Their tight seal also increases energy efficiency when closed during extreme cold or heat.
  • Easy Operation & Low Maintenance – Our bi-folds open and close smoothly along sturdy steel tracks. Few moving parts means there’s little that can go wrong or need repair.
  • Space Saving Design – When opening or closing, bi-folds don’t extend out which avoids obstructing decks, patios, walkways and more. No protruding window sashes bumping into home furnishings either.
  • Customized to Your Exact Specs – We measure carefully and craft each bi-fold precisely to your existing window dimensions for seamless installation with no modifications needed to window or wall size. Fully customizable options available too for the perfect fit.
  • Enhanced Light & Outdoor Views – Bi-folds maximize visibility and natural sunlight streaming into your rooms when open. When closed tightly against weather and temperature, they still allow plentiful light inside.
  • Added Value & Visual Appeal – Quality bi-fold windows can increase home value while also enhancing architecture and decor with beautiful styles to match any home design.
Benefits of Installing Bi-fold Windows
Which Rooms are Best Suited for Bi-Folds?

Which Rooms are Best Suited for Bi-Folds?

Kitchens & Dining Rooms

Bi-fold kitchen windows maximize usable counter and cabinet space by folding fully out of the way. Excellent over a kitchen sink or stove to quickly ventilate cooking smoke and odors too. In dining areas, bifold windows make opening up the room for entertaining simple and effective.

Living, Media & Family Rooms

Bi-fold living room windows can open fully to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces for excellent flexibility. Position them behind couches or TVs without worrying about the windows protruding out when opened. For media rooms, ample soundproofing blocks outside noise when closed.


Ventilate moisture quickly after baths and showers with easy to open bi-fold bathroom windows conveniently positioned above tubs or next to vanities. No awkward window sash knobs to work around either.

Laundry Rooms

Stale laundry odors easily air out thanks to wide-opening bi-fold windows most suitable next to laundry machines and countertops that allow maximum ventilation and light inside. No bulky protruding window to bump your elbows into while sorting and folding.

Bedrooms & Offices

In offices, bi-folds open to bring in fresh air naturally without noisy fans to disrupt focus. Bedrooms stay cooler on warm nights with excellent cross breeze abilities from multiple folding window panels left partially ajar.

Installation Process for New Bi-fold Windows

Installing new bi-fold replacement windows involves careful removal and preparation work before the new windows themselves can go in:

Window Frame Removal

First we fully take out the old window frames intact if possible, while minimizing disruption to existing interior walls and trimwork which we will protect with dropcloths. We legally dispose of all old window materials offsite.

Preparation of Openings

Your openings are then prepped, repaired, squared up and reinforced to ensure secure, plumb, level and smooth mounting surfaces. Rotted wood gets replaced and holes or cracks filled to construct durable, solid framing.

Installing New Bi-fold Window System

Next we carefully install your beautiful new bi-fold windows built precisely to your opening’s specifications. We ensure the window operates smoothly, seals tightly when closed, and is oriented for proper drainage and maximum exposure. All hardware gets adjusted until working perfectly.

Insulating & Sealing Air Gaps

Any remaining air gaps around the newly installed bi-fold’s frame gets stuffed with fiberglass insulation for increased temperature and sound dampening. We apply flexible caulk seals to keep exterior air and moisture out.

Trimming Out Window Interior

Sturdy wood trim moulding finishes off the entire perimeter covering nail holes and gaps with a seamless look blending in attractively with your existing trimwork and walls for a clean factory-installed appearance.

When completed, we walk you through operating your stunning new bi-fold windows correctly and provide literature on maintenance recommendations. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

Bi-fold Window Hardware Components

Several important hardware components enable smooth bifold functionality:

  • Hinges – Custom bi-fold hinges connect individual window panels and enable their folding/unfolding capability via stainless steel pins rolling inside of nylon bushings for durability and easy operation.
  • Tracks – Top and bottom tracks that the bi-fold panels roll and slide along need to be level and properly aligned to ensure smooth travel without rubbing. Tracks feature easily adjustable screws.
  • Locks – High quality cam or shoot bolt locks on leading panels with multi-point lock devices promote air tight closure and lift handles make for easy locking.
  • Weatherstripping – Flexible seals surrounding panes prevent air and water infiltration providing insulation when closed keeping weather outside and energy savings inside.

We meticulously install quality name-brand hardware built to last decades with proper adjustments for optimal functioning bi-folds that operate easily.

FAQs About Bi-fold Windows

Still have some questions? Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bi-fold windows for Wichita homeowners:

Our thick insulated glass allows excellent insulation rivaling other window styles. Tight weatherstripping seals also prevent heat/cool loss when closed.

Choose from long-lasting vinyl, durable wood, or low-maintenance fiberglass composite frames. We recommend fiberglass for excellent durability and structural integrity.

Yes, optional full screens are available that seamlessly integrate and can stack/fold together simultaneously as you operate the window panels.

We don’t recommend DIY bi-fold installs for important structural and functional reasons. Our skilled experts ensure it’s done right the first time.

Use a specialty bi-fold window cleaner or mild soap and soft cloth/brush extending along the tracks. Avoid harsh chemicals. Ask us for recommended cleaning products.

Quality bi-fold windows can boost value by improving appearance, functionality and energy efficiency – appealing to prospective home buyers.

Our bi-folds are proudly fabricated locally in Kansas to our exacting standards for exceptional durability, structural integrity and longevity.

Our company provides a lifetime warranty on window materials and craftsmanship. Hardware components warranted for 10 years.

Absolutely! We offer designer lines with colored frames, unique grid patterns, glass frosting, divided lites, prairie-style and much more to match your home’s specific architecture.

Let our bi-fold window experts tailor the perfect folding windows for your Wichita home. Call (316) 265-5444 for your free design consultation and estimate.

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