A door is the gateway to your home. Without a dependable, attractive door, a home lacks curb appeal and suffers diminished security and value. A solid, beautiful door helps your family and guests feel welcome every time they approach your house. At Mid America Exteriors, we provide security, peace of mind and energy efficiency through our wide variety of high-quality entry, patio and storm doors.


More Than Just Access

Of course, a door provides access to porches, yards, garages and other areas of your property. However, a door chosen for only its essential function does not deliver a full spectrum of value. For instance, a poorly made door may not prevent drafts, causing unnecessary changes in interior temperature. This scenario is expensive – additional energy must be used to compensate for the draft. Additionally, an improperly installed door is a security risk, and even with a heavy-duty lock, it may not resist tampering.


Choosing the Right Door

We offer a variety of styles to choose from to best fit the needs of our customers, and each door installed by the our experts has its own set of characteristics.

Storm doors are highly customizable and can be sized to fit any available space. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these doors provide a high degree of insulation, thereby ensuring that the elements and fluctuating temperatures stay where they belong.

Entry doors combine energy efficiency, beauty and security. Available in fiberglass, smooth steel and textured steel, these doors greet guests at front and side entrances.

Lastly, patio doors offer private access to outdoor spaces. Large windows provide unrestricted views; streamlined locking mechanisms and substantial construction offer security.