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Lap Siding

Lap Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Are you looking to install new lap siding on your Wichita, Kansas home or business? As an experienced siding company serving homeowners in Wichita for over 30 years, Mid America Exteriors specializes in the installation of top-quality lap siding for both repair and new construction projects.

Lap Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Why Choose Lap Siding?

Lap siding, also known as horizontal siding, clapboard siding, or bevel siding offers many benefits:

  • More attractive appearance than other types of siding
  • Creates a more unified, streamlined look for your home’s exterior
  • The horizontal lines draw the eye around the house
  • Easy to clean and maintain unlike other textures like wood grain
  • Superior moisture resistance from tightly fitted overlapping joints
  • Allows for easy replacement of damaged boards without affecting others
  • Comes in vinyl, engineered wood, fiber cement etc. lasting 25+ years

With proper installation by Mid America Exteriors, you can enjoy the durability and aesthetic appeal of quality lap siding materials on your Wichita property for decades to come.

Lap Siding Materials We Offer

We offer installation of various types of top-performing lap sidings to meet different customer needs:

Vinyl Lap Siding

  • Most popular choice
  • Lowest cost siding option
  • Resists moisture, rotting, and insects
  • Durable, long-lasting with color retention properties
  • Lightweight and easy to install and clean
  • We use top brands like CertainTeed and PlyGem

Engineered Wood Lap Siding

  • Offers natural wood aesthetics
  • Made of wood fibers and polymers creating durability
  • Resistant to moisture damage from rain and snow
  • More insulation than vinyl siding, saving energy costs
  • Brands include LP SmartSide and TruWood

Fiber Cement Lap Siding

  • Extremely impact and weather resistant
  • Pre-finished planks with 25-50 year warranty
  • Can replicate wood styles like cedar shake siding
  • Brands like James Hardie, Nichiha fiber cement available

So whether you prefer the affordability of vinyl lap siding, the curb appeal of engineered wood, or exceptional durability from fiber cement panels on your Wichita home or business – we have you covered.

Why You Should Hire Mid America Exteriors?

With over a decade of experience, over 500 projects completed in Wichita and surrounding areas, our team at Mid America Exteriors has extensive expertise in professional siding installations including:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Specialized training and certifications
  • Using top brand name materials
  • Correct assessment and planning
  • Full removal and disposal of old siding
  • Attention to detail on every job

We also make the process smooth by:

  • Providing free estimates with 3D imaging
  • Getting permits for every project
  • Clearing away debris daily leaving your yard tidy
  • Offering 3-5 year labor warranty

For high quality lap siding installation in Wichita, call (316) 265-5444 today for your FREE estimate!
Our friendly and knowledgable staff is ready to assess your project and stay within your budget.

Lap Siding Installation Process

When you hire Mid America Exteriors for your Wichita lap siding project, we execute it properly from start to finish:

Initial Consultation

  • Meet at your home to discuss problem areas
  • Evaluate current siding, structure, insulation etc.
  • Discuss siding types, products, warranties, colors
  • Provide custom quote with exact costs

Prepping the Structure

  • Remove existing siding/trim and dispose neatly
  • Repair any issues with exterior walls or structure
  • Install weather barrier and seam tape
  • Adjust window and door flashing as needed

New Siding Installation

  • Precision measure each wall and custom cut planks
  • Use quality fasteners every 8-12 inches by code
  • Ensure proper spacing between overlap
  • Flashing installed above all openings
  • Match seams for an aligned appearance
  • Replace trim, caulking, moldings etc.

Job Site Clean Up

  • Daily clean up
  • Magnet sweep for stray nails
  • Leave your yard clean and tidy

Follow Up

  • We welcome your feedback
  • Provide proper maintenance tips
  • Follow manufacturer warranty process

Service Area for Lap Siding Projects

While based in Wichita, Mid America Exteriors provides seamless siding installations with quality products like lap siding across:

  • Wichita metro area
  • Neighboring cities like Derby, Haysville, Valley Center
  • Surrounding areas within 30 mile radius

For homes and businesses in Wichita, KS looking for quality lap siding installation – call (316) 265-5444 to schedule your free estimate today! Our experts serve residential and commercial siding projects of all sizes.

Service Area for Lap Siding Projects

FAQs About Lap Siding in Wichita

The most popular options for lap siding we install are vinyl, engineered wood, and fiber cement lap siding. Vinyl offers durability and affordability while fiber cement resists impact damage. Engineered wood has the aesthetics of natural wood. We help you select the right type for your goals.

Pricing can vary based on the lap siding product used and complexity of the project. As examples, basic vinyl lap siding costs $5-7 per square foot installed, while engineered wood lap siding averages $8-12 per square foot for the finished installation. Fiber cement averages $10-15 per square foot installed.

If your lap siding remains structurally intact, repainting it can make financial sense. But issues like cracks, buckling, rotting, inadequate moisture barriers etc. are signs you need full replacement for longterm performance. Our team provides honest assessments on whether repairs or new siding is better for your home.

The full siding replacement timeline can vary based on house size, materials, and weather delays. On average for a 2,000 sq. foot home, the lap siding installation takes 1-2 weeks with proper crew size and barring severe storms or cold temperatures.

Insulated lap siding can provide added energy efficiency by reducing heat/cold transfer through your walls. This extra insulation leads to lower energy bills. Based on your climate and usage, we advise whether investing in insulated backing provides good ROI.

Our certified installers use advanced measuring tools for precision. We account for wall size, angles, low/high spots, removing guesswork that leads to ill-fitting panels. Expert measurements means tightly fitted, uniform seams that resist moisture entry.

Proper specialty tools are vital for lap siding installation. Our crew uses siding jigs, angle gauges, table saws fitted with fiber cement blades, staging/scaffolding, metal brake for custom flashing, and commercial grade pneumatic fastener guns to provide tight seams and proper nail placement without damaging planks.

Pre-finished lap siding saves time and money with fewer steps compared to onsite finishing. But raw siding allows color customization. Fiber cement and engineered wood profiles offer lots of pre-finished options replicating wood types and colors. We help weigh the pros and cons for your particular home.

Lap siding should be installed with proper exposure (visible area) based on manufacturer guidelines to allow for expansion/contraction. As a standard, we use maximum 6 inches for vinyl, 6.5 inches for cement fiber, and 8 inches for engineered wood planks. Proper exposure provides ideal protection.

For any additional questions about having new lap siding installed on your Wichita, KS area property, contact the experts at Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444!