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Storm Windows Replacement Wichita

Storm Window Replacement in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is a trusted provider of storm window replacement services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of expertise installing quality storm windows, we help homeowners choose the right windows while providing exceptional service.

Upgrade Your Home with Mid America Exteriors

Why Replace Your Storm Windows?

Storm windows act as an extra barrier against cold drafts and weather damage. However, old or failing storm windows can reduce energy efficiency, allow air and water infiltration, and detract from your home’s appearance. Reasons you may need storm window replacement include:

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Old storm windows allow heat to escape and cold air to enter, increasing energy bills. New storm windows prevent air leakage. 

Draftiness and Water Leaks

Plastic sealing and weatherstripping on old windows breaks down over time. This allows outside air and rain inside, causing drafts or leaks. 

Condensation Between Windows

 When seal failure occurs, condensation builds up between the storm windows and primary windows. This can cause interior window sill rotting and mold growth. 

Security and Safety Issues

Unsecure storm window fasteners or broken glass make it easier for intruders to enter through windows and allow children to fall against weakened glass.

Noise Pollution

Poorly sealed storm windows allow outside noise to filter indoors, disturbing your peace and quiet. 

Curb Appeal & Property Value

Old and battered storm windows make your home exterior look unappealing and dated, negatively impacting curb appeal and resale value. By replacing deteriorated storm windows with new, high-performance options, you can prevent unnecessary air leakage and moisture issues while keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Storm Window Replacement Services Offered in Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas

Mid America Exteriors specializes in full-service storm window replacement including: 

Storm Window Installation

We professionally measure, custom order, and expertly install new storm windows.

Old Storm Window Removal & Disposal

We know how disruptive window-centric remodeling projects can feel. That’s why we promise to answer queries promptly, provide reliable scheduling and project duration estimates, show up on time, keep you informed if any delays or changes occur.

Window Specification & Ordering

Our team helps you choose ideal storm windows considering glass, frame & fastener types, colors, opening style, sizes, energy efficiency, price range, and other preferences. 

Custom Sizing & Shaping

For uniquely shaped windows, historic homes, custom windows, or special requirements, we provide custom-cut storm windows fabricated for a perfect fit.

Exterior Trim Repair & Refinishing

Rotted, cracked, or missing exterior trim visually impacts your new storm windows. We repair and/or replace exterior trim pieces around windows for a flawless finished appearance. We provide storm window replacement for all home types. Call (316) 265-5444 today for your free estimate!

Storm Window Glass & Framing Materials

Today’s storm window technology offers many durable, energy efficient glass and frame material options. When professionally installed, the right materials provide optimal insulation against the elements while retaining smooth operation and visibility. Storm window glass and framing options we offer include:

Storm Window Glass Types

Clear Glass – Provides optimal light transmittance while improving insulation. Best for visibility. 

Low-E (Low-Emissivity) Glass – Specialized glazing prevents heat transfer for maximum energy efficiency. 

Laminated Glass – Security glazing features a plastic layer sandwiched between two panes of glass for enhanced strength. Recommended near doors or ground level. 

Obscure Glass – Etched or frosted opaque glass blocks views for privacy while allowing light transmission. 

Tempered Glass – Heat-treated safety glass to withstand wind pressure and reduce injuries when broken. 

Plexiglass – Shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic glazing blocks UV rays. Budget option for many shapes. 

Storm Window Frame Materials

Aluminum – Lightweight, affordable metal resistant to warping with color options. Our grade features thicker construction, more structural stability, and better welding. 

Vinyl – Colorfast PVC provides excellent insulation at various price points. More impact-resistant than aluminum. 

Wood – Natural hardwood frames with stained exteriors give a visually appealing finish. Require more maintenance. 

Fiberglass – Composite frames feature the strength of wood windows with lower maintenance needs. Pre-finished white or woodgrain, with custom exterior paint matching available. 

Composite – Blended material offers durability with integral colors and realistic woodgrain appearance.

With over 30 years of storm window replacement experience, Mid America Exteriors helps determine which materials are right for your home, preferences, and budget.

Storm Window Glass & Framing Materials
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Storm Window Framing, Glass, & Hardware
Brands We Trust and Install for Your Windows

Storm Window Framing, Glass, & Hardware

Beyond the frame and glass material, components like fasteners, hinges, weatherstripping, insect screens, grilles, and window opening design impact the security, weatherproofing, easy operation, and aesthetic look of storm window units. We help select ideal components for your replacement storm windows. 

Framing & Sash

Glazing Bead Retains glass while allowing condensation drainage 

Stops & Silicone – Interior seals prevent air & water infiltration 

Reinforcements – Structural enhancements prevent warping or bowing 

Screen Frames – Ventilation options with pollen, dust, bug, and pet barriers

Hardware & Weathersealing

Fastener Types – Spring loaded, cam action, wing nuts, or removable pins 

Hinges & Operators – Butt, friction, continuous gear, casement, or concealed hinge mechanisms

Weatherstripping – Seal out drafts at overlap joints or window unit perimeter 

Weep Holes & Deflectors – Allow moisture runoff without interior leaks

Glass & Grille Options

Insulated Glass Units – Dual pane thermal seal assembly with argon gas injection 

Tempered – Heat-strengthened pane makes glass safer if broken 

Tints – Added color filters help manage heat & UV rays 

Grilles – Simulated divided lites or interior/exterior grids for style * 

Decorative Glass – Color, texture, or pattern for extra privacy or visual interest

For the best fit, performance, and aesthetics from new storm windows, every component matters. With over a decade locally providing Wichita, KS area storm window replacement services, Mid America Exteriors has the product knowledge and installation expertise to enhance all aspects of your updated storm windows.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for Storm Window Replacement?

You have many options when it comes to storm window replacement in Wichita, KS. Here are a few key reasons to choose Mid America Exteriors as your installer: 

We Are Local Storm Window Replacement Experts

10+ Years Experience Installing Storm Windows in Wichita & Surrounding Areas Fully Licensed & Insured Window Replacement Contractors

Trained on Correct Window Installation Methods Specialized Knowledge of Building Codes & Safety Standards Work Directly with Top Local Window Manufacturers Fabricate Custom Storm Windows Onsite for Specialty Needs

We Make the Storm Window Replacement Process Simple & Stress-Free

Manage Entire Project from Start to Finish Professional Measurements Ensure Perfect Window Sizing & Fit

Storm Window Specification & Order Assistance Seamless Installation Scheduling for Your Convenience Provide Necessary Window Trim Repair or Replacement Leave Your Property Cleaner Than We Found It

We Deliver Lasting Value within Your Budget

Free Estimates & Competitive Pricing Various Brands & Materials at Multiple Price Points Focus on Long-Term Energy Savings Enhance Curb Appeal & Resale Value

For exceptional craftsmanship combined with conscientious customer service, call Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444 for storm window replacement in Wichita, KS you can rely on for years to come.

What To Expect When You Call Mid America Exteriors for Storm Window Replacement?

Replacing storm windows requires proper planning, window selection, precise measurements, custom fabrication, responsible installation, and exterior trim integration. Here is what you can expect when you call (316) 265-5444 to request storm window replacement service from Mid America Exteriors:

Schedule a Free Estimate

An experienced team member will make an appointment and visit your home to evaluate your storm window situation. We gather measurements and details needed to develop your personalized replacement plan. 

Review Your Options

Together we explore suitable storm window materials and component choices considering your budget, priorities, and goals. This includes discussing window attributes like sizes, shapes, colors, features, benefits, warranty terms, delivery timelines, costs, special installation requirements, building codes, HOA rules, and more.

Place a Custom Order

 Once final storm window specifications are approved, we place a custom order with our fabricators to create made-to-measure storm windows ready for flawless installation. Lead times range from 2-6 weeks. 

Call & Confirm Appointment

Mid America Exteriors contacts you when the order is ready. We book a convenient installation date & time when a fully trained crew will remove existing units & replace with new custom storm windows.

Prompt, Clean Installation

Our storm window installers take great care protecting your home interior and exterior while they remove old storm windows, replace exterior trim (if needed), accurately attach specially fabricated new storm window units, integrate exterior trim pieces, seal for weatherproofing, test for smooth operation, clean the jobsite thoroughly, and review a final product walkthrough with you. 

Ongoing Support

Though we stand behind every properly installed storm window with warranty coverage, should any issue later arise Mid America Exteriors quickly addresses concerns to deliver enduring performance and satisfaction. Trust our decade-plus Wichita area storm window replacement expertise to make the entire process worry-free while saving you money long-term.

What To Expect When You Call Mid America Exteriors for Storm Window Replacement

FAQs about Storm Window Replacement in Wichita, KS

Still have additional questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about storm window replacement in Wichita, KS:

Quality storm windows significantly improve insulation at a fraction of replacement window costs. Prioritizing storm window replacement extends the lifespan of existing primary windows.

We perform onsite measurements of each window’s exact width, height, shape, frame depth, and specific installation environment. This ensures properly sized units for simple, secure mounting.

Yes, we expertly install heavy-duty triple track storm windows using a precision alignment process perfected from years of storm window replacement experience.

Optional full screens are available. However most units utilize built-in vents for ventilation rather than external screens requiring removal/installation.

We accept major credit cards, cash, and personal checks on approved credit at the time of order placement.

Yes. Our licensed and insured storm window installers guarantee all replacement units meet the latest safety and performance standards.

New storm window materials and craftsmanship are backed by transferable manufacturers’ warranties of 10 years or longer.

Correctly installed energy efficient storm windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 12% annually.

We are committed to environmentally responsible recycling or disposal of old storm window units removed during the replacement process.

We maintain social distance, wear masks, and follow CDC and local health guidelines for everyone’s protection throughout your project.

Call (316) 265-5444 or contact Mid America Exteriors online today to explore storm window replacement options for your Wichita, KS area home.

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