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Board & Batten Siding Replacement Wichita

Board & Batten Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise providing quality siding replacement services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. We specialize in board & batten siding installation and can transform the exterior of your home. If your existing siding is worn, damaged, or simply outdated, board & batten is an excellent replacement option for enhanced curb appeal, improved weather protection, and increased property value.

Why Choose Board & Batten Siding?

Why Choose Board & Batten Siding?

Board & batten siding offers numerous benefits for Wichita homeowners:

Visual Appeal

  • The unique vertical board & batten design stands out for its shadow lines and rustic-yet-refined aesthetic. This adds welcomed visual interest to the exterior of your home.
  • With custom spacing and board widths available, we can tailor the look to your personal style preferences.
  • The striking appearance provided by board & batten makes it one of the most popular siding styles for both renovations and new constructions in the Wichita area.


  • Constructed of resilient engineered wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, board & batten siding is built to last for decades in Kansas weather conditions.
  • The materials resist rotting, cracking, peeling, denting, and hail damage better than traditional wood siding options.
  • Periodic cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain the pristine appearance long-term.

Improved Insulation

  • When properly installed, board & batten siding provides excellent thermal insulation for your home. This can reduce your monthly heating and cooling expenses.
  • The construction allows improved airflow, reducing indoor humidity and preventing moisture accumulation within walls.

Board & Batten Siding Replacement Process

Replacing your existing siding with new board & batten is an extensive project best left to Wichita siding experts. Here is an overview of the process Mid America Exteriors uses:

Initial Consultation

  • A project manager will visit your home to evaluate current siding and discuss your replacement goals, timeline, budgetary needs, and material options. We will provide a precise quote for your review.

Installation Preparation

  • When you decide to move forward, we schedule a start date a few weeks out to allow ample project planning time.
  • Custom board & batten materials are ordered and specialty equipment/tools are reserved.
  • The work area is thoroughly prepared by containing dust and protecting landscaping.

Siding Removal & Replacement

  • Existing siding materials are completely removed and disposed of properly offsite.
  • Once exposed, the structure is inspected for any needed repairs to ensure sound installation of new siding.
  • Boards and battens are meticulously measured, cut, and installed section-by-section with meticulous attention to detail.

Finishing Touches

  • Flashing, trim, and caulking are added for a weathertight seal and flawless aesthetic alignment of panels.
  • The worksite is cleared of debris and surrounding landscaping is restored.
  • We perform a final walkthrough with you to address any questions and gain your completion approval.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

With more than a decade proudly serving Wichita and surrounding cities, Mid America Exteriors has the expertise to provide exceptional board & batten installation and seamless siding replacement services:

Specialized Experience

  • We have extensive experience with board & batten siding specifically, having already installed it on hundreds of area homes to rave reviews.
  • Staying current on the latest materials and techniques, we utilize today’s most durable and sustainable siding options.

Top Local Installers

  • Our friendly installation team members each average over 7 years of siding replacement experience in the Wichita area.
  • With extensive specialized training, board & batten projects are handled with efficiency and care from start to finish.

Commitment to Quality

  • We refuse to cut corners or rush important steps that would compromise the quality end result.
  • A permanent warranty backed by both the manufacturer and our company provides further peace of mind.

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Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?
Low Maintenance

We Make the Process Simple & Stress-Free

From initial quote to final inspection, our helpful project coordinators guide you seamlessly through the board & batten siding replacement process. Leave the hard work to us while you enjoy the drastically improved curb appeal and upgraded weather protection for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about board & batten siding installation in Wichita, KS:

We offer durable engineered wood, vinyl, and fiber cement board options along with metal, composite, or wood battens. This allows us to find the perfect match for your aesthetic preferences, budget, and performance needs.

Nearly any siding color you desire can be ordered, including two-tone combinations. We’ll help select an ideal shade to enhance your exterior color scheme.

The full process typically takes between 3-7 business days from start to finish. We always provide a complete project timeline estimate so you know what to expect.

We’ll inspect all structural and foundational components and facilitate any carpentry repairs required for proper board & batten siding installation.

Our crew takes meticulous care to protect plants, hardscapes, and sprinkler systems throughout the process. Any minor disturbances are restored back to original condition at completion.

A periodic gentle power washing is generally all that’s needed. We provide detailed care instructions to keep your fresh siding looking like new for decades.

Square footage, material choices, necessary prep work, and custom finishes like decorative trim accents all contribute to the final price. We’ll outline a detailed breakdown with no hidden fees.

Yes, a lifetime limited warranty validates the long-lasting durability of the siding itself. Separate multi-year craftsmanship protection is also included.

Absolutely. We handle full removal and disposal of your original siding materials as part of the service.

An initial planning meeting and final walkthrough is prudent but otherwise your everyday home life won’t be disrupted. We can work around your schedule.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Mid America Exteriors is happy to explain our seamless board & batten siding replacement process and craft breathtaking curb appeal for your Wichita home.

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