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Picture Windows Replacement Wichita

Picture Windows Replacement in Wichita, KS

Trusted Window Replacement Services from Mid America Exteriors

Welcome to Mid America Exteriors, your professional window installation company in Wichita, KS. For over 10 years, we have provided exceptional window replacement services for homes across the city.

When it comes to installing stunning, energy-efficient picture windows that transform any room, we are your reliable experts. Read on to learn all about our picture window offerings or call us at (316) 265-5444 to request a free quote.

What Are Picture Windows?

What Are Picture Windows?

Picture windows, as their name suggests, offer an unobstructed outward “picture” view. This large window type comes in a variety of sizes, but typically spans widths over 3 feet across.

Some key characteristics of quality picture windows include:

  • Minimal to no grids or muntins – This provides unbroken sightlines that showcase external scenery in its full grandeur.
  • Custom sizing – Picture windows allow flexible width and height adjustments to precisely fit your space.
  • Specialty shapes – In addition to classic rectangular designs, picture offerings may include unique shapes like circles, arches, and triangles.
  • Energy efficient glazing – Modern advances in glazing technology allow picture windows to offer increased insulation, UV protection, and noise reduction. 

Why Install Picture Windows?

Picture windows offer numerous benefits for Wichita homeowners:

  • Showcase outdoor views – Frame and highlight gorgeous scenery and ambient outdoor light from your yard, garden, or other sights.
  • Create an expanded feel – Picture windows make interior spaces appear much larger and more open.
  • Enhance natural light – Beautiful, natural illumination streams into your rooms. This lifts moods and minimizes artificial lighting needs.
  • Provide fuller airflow – Operable picture windows allow fresh outdoor air and breezes to gently circulate inside.
  • Offer modern curb appeal – Sleek, wide picture windows lend an elevated, contemporary look to home exteriors.
Picture Window Replacement from Mid America Exteriors

Picture Window Replacement from Mid America Exteriors

As experienced window contractors, we make the picture window replacement process swift, seamless, and mess-free. Our expert team will:

  • Visit your home for exact window measurements and to evaluate your existing framework
  • Provide design consultations so we create the optimal picture window solution to match your aesthetic, functionality, and budget needs
  • Order top-notch windows from our reliable manufacturing partners
  • Schedule a timely replacement date once materials arrive on-site
  • Remove old window units and dispose of them properly
  • Install new picture windows with meticulous care and craftsmanship
  • Provide all essential finishing touches for a perfect end result

We handle everything required for impeccable picture window replacement results.

Picture Window Brands We Offer

We only install picturesque picture windows from brands known for outstanding quality and performance. Options we offer include:


  • Gorgeous wood picture window options like oak and pine
  • Numerous exterior coverings from aluminum to vinyl
  • Impressive limited lifetime warranties
  • Custom sizing and energy-efficient glazing


  • Fibrex composite frames for durability and temperature regulation
  • Welded and reinforced joints for structural integrity
  • Protective exterior finish resists fading, flaking, and chipping
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency

Cardinal LoĒ-i89

  • Cardinal’s highest-performing triple glazing with argon gas
  • Filters 99% damaging UV rays to prevent fading
  • Insulated Super Spacer® technology prevents heat and cold conduction
  • Crystal clear, Low-E coated glass maximizes light transmittance
Picture Window Brands We Offer

Picture Window Styles

In addition to traditional rectangular picture windows, we offer eye-catching styles including:

Arch Picture Windows

  • Curved tops complement modern and traditional themes
  • Draw the eye upward to accentuate high ceilings
  • Pair with transom windows to form stunning wall lengths

Circle Picture Windows

  • Make an elegant focal point with meticulous rounded craftsmanship
  • Mimic the interesting shapes found in nature’s flora and landscapes
  • Let bright round vistas shine when visibility is obstructed on adjacent walls

Triangle Picture Windows

  • Dynamic angles infuse geometric visual interest
  • Complement contemporary architectural designs
  • Gain views on multiple sightlines from a corner vantage point
Picture Window Styles
Triangle Picture Windows

How Much Do Picture Window Replacements Cost?

Picture window installation costs vary based on factors like:

  • Window dimensions – Larger sizes logically cost more.
  • Window types – More complex window materials and construction increase prices.
  • Installation complexity – Intricate scaffolding or framing needs mean higher quotes.
  • Your home’s specifics – Consider aspects like age, layout, current window states, etc.
  • Accessories – Add-ons like muntins, tinting, security features, etc. raise costs.

As Wichita’s window experts for over 10 years, we provide free, accurate quotes factoring everything unique to your picture window project. Our upfront estimates prevent surprise charges so you can budget accordingly.

How Much Do Picture Window Replacements Cost?
Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

You can depend on receiving supreme picture windows and experiences with us. We:

  • Employ background-checked window technicians for safety assurance
  • Follow ethical business standards you can trust
  • Possess all essential licensures and insurance coverage
  • Use top-quality equipment, tools, and practices
  • Carefully oversee entire installation processes
  • Clean up properly when finishing window replacements
  • Aim to minimize disruption to your home and daily life
  • Take pride meeting or exceeding expectations every time

In addition to spectacular picture window installations, we offer:

  • Door replacement services
  • Siding, roofing, and gutter improvements
  • Storm door and window additions
  • Window cleaning and scheduled maintenance

Speak to our window experts today at (316) 265-5444 for elite services.

FAQS About Picture Windows

Get all your pressing questions answered about picture windows by Wichita installation specialists:

Our thick insulated glass allows excellent insulation rivaling other window styles. Tight weatherstripping seals also prevent heat/cool loss when closed.

Yes, we offer manufacturer warranties protecting against defects and undue performance issues.

Absolutely. We are experts in fitting ENERGY STAR® rated and other high-efficiency picture windows.

Optional window screens can be added per your preference and ventilation needs.

Proper window disposal is part of our all-inclusive replacement service.

Contact us one month before your ideal replacement date to ensure timely availability.

In addition to replacements, we troubleshoot window functionality issues to save costs.

Yes! Along with window expertise, we are also trusted door contractors serving homes and businesses.

We have scaffolding, cranes, boom lifts, and specialty equipment to access hard-to-reach spots.

Minor installations usually don’t need permits. We pull any necessary permits for you.

For exemplary picture window replacements in the Wichita area, contact the pros at Mid America Exteriors today. Our vision is delivering picture-perfect windows that enhance comfort, beauty, and satisfaction for your unique space. We welcome you to reach out with any additional queries as you begin your window replacement journey with us.

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