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Double Hung Windows Replacement Wichita

Double Hung Window Replacement Services in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise providing premier window replacement services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. We specialize in installing beautiful, energy efficient double hung windows to enhance your home. Read below to learn why homeowners choose us as their trusted local window replacement contractor.

Double Hung Windows Perfectly Suit Wichita's Climate

Double Hung Windows Perfectly Suit Wichita's Climate

Double hung windows are designed with two movable sash panels that slide vertically to open and close. This style is a popular choice among Wichita homeowners because it provides key benefits:

Superior Ventilation

  • Both the top and bottom sash open to allow great natural air flow circulation. Our double hungs maximize fresh air intake which keeps your home comfortable.
  • Strategic ventilation placement enables you to draw in cool air low and hot air high. This airflow reduces AC costs in summer.

Easy Cleaning Access

  • Double hung windows tilt inward to safely clean the exterior glass from inside your home. No risky ladders or difficult reach spots.
  • With just the pull of a cord, both sashes tilt in to sweep or vacuum debris. Cut back on outdoor washings.

Balance Light & Privacy

  • The two sashes slide independently so you can let in ample light from the top, while keeping the lower closed for privacy.
  • Adjust both up or down to your liking at any point instead of an “all or nothing” scenario.
    Installing energy efficient double hung windows in Wichita homes provides the right blend of ventilation, easy upkeep, and light control. Designed for convenience, customization, and comfort.

Double Hung Windows Beat Extreme Kansas Weather

Wichita’s climate has extreme shifts from hot summers to cold winters. Having properly installed windows that stand up to these swings makes a difference in livability and efficiency.

As a top option for Wichita window replacement, double hungs offer:

Temperature & Draft Control

Our double hung windows come standard with weatherstripping technology that keeps outdoor air out. Advanced seals block infiltration around the frames and in meeting rails. Less airflow means better insulation.

We also install thick, energy efficient glass that improves UV and temperature control. Reduced conduction keeps heating and cooling costs down.

Moisture Protection

Vinyl or composite frame materials paired with protective seals protect against absorbing moisture or rotting. No worries about warp, stick, or decay even in humid months.

Sound Buffering

With enhanced glass thickness and secure seals, external noise is significantly reduced. Traffic clatter or loud winds stay muted even when windows are open.

Security Features

Double hung windows lock both the top and bottom sash with strong metal cam locks and additional foiled glass. Deters potential intruders from forcing entry.

Having the right windows for Wichita weather leads to better comfort and savings year-round.

Double Hung Windows Beat Extreme Kansas Weather

Why Mid America Exteriors is the Top Choice ?

With over a decade solely focused on window replacements, Mid America Exteriors is Wichita’s premier installer of double hung windows. Homeowners choose us for:

Lasting Durability

We use OptiView or Vytex vinyl frames for unmatched insulation, strength, and longevity. Materials resist fading, corroding, rotting, warping, or chipping. Expect beautiful performance for decades.

Seamless Integration

Our install teams are meticulous about perfectly measured sizing and seamless seals. New windows will flawlessly integrate into existing openings for ideal functionality and aesthetics.

Comprehensive Experience

From start to finish, Mid America Exteriors handles the entire process. We assess your needs, order custom windows built specifically for your home, obtain any permits needed, complete pro installs, and haul away debris.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each double hung window unit comes backed by a lifetime limited warranty. If issues arise with the frame or glass components, replacements are supplied to restore performance and appearance.

0% Financing Options

We offer special long-term financing packages at 0% APR so you can budget window upgrades over time. Ask us about available terms and minimum purchase amounts.

Mid America Exteriors does windows exclusively year after year. Our expertise translates into custom solutions and transformations you’ll love.

Double Hung Window Replacement Process
Local Expertise and Community Connection

Double Hung Window Replacement Process

Replacing outdated windows with energy efficient double hung units requires proper planning and execution. Here is an overview of working with Mid America Exteriors:


An expert from our team meets at your Wichita home for measurements and to discuss needs:

  • Identify ideal double hung sizing based on existing window openings
  • Review potential material, color, hardware, glass, grid, and screen options
  • Assess any structural issues that need addressed before install
  • Provide accurate project cost based on choices
  • Answer any questions on the replacement process

Order & Permit

We place a custom order for your new windows to be built and acquire any permits:

  • Windows constructed to fit existing openings perfectly
  • Permit approved by local authorities
  • Install scheduled once materials and paperwork finalized

Professional Install

Our insured crew handles the entire installation process:

  • Remove existing window frames with care
  • Prepare openings and address any structural deficiencies
  • Properly position, fasten, seal, and adjust new double hung units
  • Ensure flawless operation, locking, tilting, seals, and caulking
  • Haul away old windows and debris


You get to enjoy enhanced beauty, comfort, efficiency and value in your home for years. Expect significant improvements in temperature control, ventilation, easy cleaning, noise reduction and curb appeal.

We also back all double hung window replacements with our satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty. Reach out anytime with questions or maintenance needs.

Call (316) 265-5444 today to schedule your initial double hung window replacement consultation with Mid America Exteriors! Our Wichita team is ready to transform your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Below we answer common inquiries about double hung window replacements:

For a standard size house replacing all windows, the full process usually takes 2-3 days. We’ll discuss expected timeframe at your consultation.

Exact pricing depends on the number of windows, sizes, material/style choices and structural needs. Our consultations provide window-specific estimates after assessing your home.

Yes! Once windows are ordered, we submit all paperwork to local authorities and pull any required permits. We handle the entire bureaucratic process for you.

Every double hung window replacement comes backed by our lifetime limited warranty. If any frame, glass, screen or hardware components fail, we provide free replacement parts.

Simply slide down both sashes about 6 inches and toggle the release tabs to tilt inward. Then you can vacuum or wipe clean with a soft brush and glass cleaner.

Screens for the upper and lower sashes are included standard, but optional upgrades like heavy duty or pet resistant screens are available.

To maintain our satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty, we require windows to be purchased through authorized Mid America Exteriors suppliers. This ensures proper sizing, materials and features.

Our crews take precautions to minimize dust and debris during window removal and will thoroughly clean up afterwards. Typically only minor drywall repairs or repainting needed.

We special order windows custom sized to flawlessly fit every opening. Even uniquely shaped spaces can be transformed into functional double hung windows.

  • Long term financing options are available! Most homeowners take advantage of paying over time at 0% APR with approved credit and minimum purchase amounts.

Reach out now to (316) 265-5444 to explore how Mid America Exteriors can transform your home with new double hung windows. Or request a free consultation online to get started!