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Awnings in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing beautiful, functional awnings for homes and businesses across Wichita, KS. As the top provider of exterior remodeling services in the area, we understand how to enhance your property’s shade, style, and value with custom awnings tailored to match your needs.

Stylish Awnings That Withstand the Elements

Stylish Awnings That Withstand the Elements

Outdoor awnings not only add visual flair to your home or storefront, they provide practical protection from sun, wind, and rain. Our team handles awning installation, maintenance and repair for a wide variety of high-quality awning styles:

Patio awnings

Custom crafted canvas or aluminum covers that extend over your exterior living area for UV protection and shade

Door awnings

Decorative hoods installed over entryways to provide cover while complementing your home’s architecture

Window awnings

Frames with fabric or metal covers that mount directly above windows to prevent light glare and filter sunlight/heat

Freestanding awnings

Detached structures featuring covers on metal/wood frames for standalone shade and shelter in yards, gardens or business spaces

We ensure all our awnings stand up to the ever-changing Kansas weather by using water-repellent, fade- and mildew-resistant materials. Based on your location, we’ll recommend the optimal fabric or metal to provide protection from the wind, rain, sun and other elements.

Custom Design & Flawless Installation

Custom Design & Flawless Installation

As Wichita’s most trusted exterior remodeler, Mid America Exteriors make it easy to transform your exterior space with a beautiful new awning custom-made for your home or storefront.

Our talented design team works closely with each customer to understand their vision, preferences and needs before creating renderings for you to review and approve. We use advanced measuring and 3D modeling technology to ensure an exact custom fit with any shape or size.

Once you approve the design, our professional installers will handle the entire awning installation process without any disruption to your property. We obtain all necessary city permits, prepare the installation site, and complete the job to exact specifications, cleaning up thoroughly afterwards.

You can always count on Mid America Exteriors for:

  • Turnkey custom design services
  • Flawless professional installation
  • All required permits & inspections
  • Dedicated project management
  • Premium materials that stand the test of time

Key Benefits of Installing Awnings

Investing in quality awnings delivers outstanding ROI by enhancing your home or business aesthetics while providing weather and UV protection for years to come.

Here are the many advantages high-quality custom awnings provide:

Weather Protection & Shade

  • Block up to 94% of intense sunlight and UV rays
  • Prevent glare, overheating and fading of interior furnishings
  • Shelter outdoor spaces from wind gusts, storms, rain and hail
  • Keep doorways and walkways dry for safer ingress/egress
  • Let in diffused natural light for clearer visibility

Energy Savings

  • Reduce heat gain to cut HVAC costs by up to 25%
  • Keep interiors cooler and eliminate hot spots near windows
  • Lower exterior surface temperature by up to 60%
  • Cut carbon emissions by decreasing fossil fuel energy consumption

Visual Appeal & Property Value Boost

  • Instantly enhance exterior curb appeal
  • Carry architectural style seamlessly from indoors to outdoors
  • Complement landscaping and exterior remodels beautifully
  • Increase overall property resale value by 4-15%

Customization & Self-Expression

  • Express your unique personality or brand image through custom materials, colors and styles
  • Integrate creative logos, graphics or signage into awning covers
  • Choose from countless frame, hardware and fabric options for one-of-a-kind style
  • Modify awnings easily in the future for seasonal updates or event promotions

Service Areas for Awnings in Wichita

Mid America Exteriors proudly provide awning installation for residential, commercial and HOA properties across the Greater Wichita area:


As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita residents know extreme sun, wind and storms can take a toll. Our awnings help homeowners stay comfortable indoors while expanding outdoor living season.


Curb appeal matters for Derby real estate. Our awnings add nice accents to homes while shielding interiors from heat and glare.


Haysville endures cold winters and hot summers. Awnings let homeowners enjoy their outdoor patios longer each year.


Wind protection is key in Andover. Our durable awnings stand up to gusts while shading doorways and walkways.


Goddard neighborhoods feature beautiful landscaping that needs UV shielding. Window and patio awnings prevent harsh sun from causing damage.


Maize is one of Kansas’ fastest growing suburbs. Homeowners trust us to install awnings complementing their architectural style.

Valley Center

Valley Center mid-century homes deserve vintage-style awnings for eye-catching nostalgic flair.

And we also serve nearby towns including Park City, Kechi, Clearwater, Bel Aire and more. Call Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444 for a free quote on expert awning installation in your area.

FAQs About Awnings in Wichita from Mid America Exteriors

We install patio, door, window and freestanding awnings in a variety of frame, hardware and fabric options to match any style and budget.

Our design team helps tailor awnings with your ideal colors/patterns plus optional custom graphics, logos or signage.

Yes, we handle securing all necessary city permits and inspections for worry-free installation.

We provide awning installation across the Greater Wichita area including Derby, Haysville, Andover, Goddard, Maize and more.

Most installs take just 1-2 days total depending on scope. We work efficiently to minimize disruption.

Install them any time! But schedule spring installation to enjoy protection from the upcoming warm season.

Our awnings are built to last 10+ years with little upkeep beyond occasional fabric cleaning.

Yes, provide your own custom fabric and we’ll craft beautiful awning covers showcasing it.

Size/coverage, materials, customization and local permits/requirements influence final pricing.

Absolutely, we leave the property damage-free and spotless once installation is complete.

Let Mid America Exteriors enhance your home’s comfort, beauty and value with custom awnings tailored for your lifestyle. Reach out now at (316) 265-5444 for your free design consultation and quote. Our helpful team is ready to make your vision a reality!

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