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Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is a top-rated Wichita siding company specializing in the installation of beautiful, durable board and batten siding for homes in Kansas. With over 30 years of expertise proper siding installation, Mid America Exteriors has reliably served home owners in Wichita and surrounding areas with affordable board and batten siding solutions to enhance the look and protection of their homes.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?
Design Versatility

Why Choose Board & Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding, also known as vertical siding, offers unique benefits and an appealing aesthetic for many Kansas homeowners:

Exceptional Curb Appeal

Vertical board and batten panels create striking contrast and shadows for impressive visual dimension and interest from the road. This transforms the face of your home into a distinctive showpiece that neighbors will envy.

Customizable Styling

The possibilities for personalized looks and colors are virtually endless with board and batten. Mix and match complementary colors on the boards and battens for one-of-a-kind flair.

Durability & Strength

The thick faced boards joined by sturdy vertical battens of board and batten siding lend unmatched structural integrity and impact resistance from storms, hail, and more.

Design Versatility

Board and batten elegantly complements a variety of architectural styles like Craftsman, Modern Farmhouse, Cottage, and more. The options work beautifully on whole homes or as an accent.

Enhanced Resale Value

Wood and composite board and batten siding materials drive up curb appeal to boost home resale value significantly. Local home buyers desire the stylish distinction this siding provides.

Peace of Mind

Unlike masonry, stucco, or other rigid sidings, board and batten allows your home to naturally expand and contract with changing humidity and temperature. This prevents cracking or checking for weatherproof protection and peace of mind.

If you desire stunning distinction for your home with the strength to stand up to Kansas weather, board and batten deserves your consideration.

Board & Batten Siding Services From Mid America Exteriors

As experienced siding specialists serving the Wichita area, Mid America Exteriors has the expertise to provide:

Professional Siding Consultation

We properly assess your home’s unique architecture, condition, climate exposure, budget and preferences. Then we advise customized solutions to match your home goals for aesthetics and performance.

Correct Preparation & Installation

Before installation, we remove existing siding, repair issues underneath if needed, wrap your home properly, then meticulously install new boards and battens to optimal specifications.

Smooth Transitions & Protection During Installation

With meticulous care, we minimize impact by laying down protective coverings while working efficiently yet carefully to achieve beautiful results.

Timely, Affordable Board & Batten Siding Installation

As a established Kansas siding company completing numerous board and batten installations over the years, our licensing, extensive experience and buying power with manufacturers allows us to offer reasonable pricing to exceed your expectations on budget and timing. We ensure you enjoy your stunning new siding trouble-free for decades with superior workmanship and no shortcuts.

For a personalized quote on board and batten installation you can trust by Mid America Exteriors, call (316) 265-5444 now to schedule your complimentary assessment. We serve Wichita, KS and surrounding areas.

Different Types of Board & Batten Styles

Installing board and batten siding requires choosing from a range of high-quality materials to achieve your ideal look, performance and budget:

Wood Board & Batten Siding

For those favoring a classic, natural style, real wood board and batten siding offers unmatched grain visuals and appeal. Types like cedar and pine offer stability and weather-resistance while being cost-effective softwood options. Hardwoods like oak or fir provide enhanced protection and timeless beauty.

Composite Board & Batten

Combining wood fibers and plastic, composite wood polymer options like Trex deliver the appearance of real wood minus the aging, cracking, orChecking. This faux wood holds paint well for those favoring color options. Composite materials generally offer improved durability for longer-lasting performance but do come at a higher initial price point.

Vinyl Board & Batten Siding

As the most affordable, low-maintenance choice, vinyl resists moisture, rotting and wood boring insects while providing impact protection during storms. Quality vinyl board and batten siding features thicker panels that mimic wood grain while offering abundant color options. This provides a beautiful yet realistic captured board and batten style look.

Fiber Cement Board & Batten

For gorgeous performance, fiber cement board and batten siding replicates wood styles yet resists cracking, moisture damage or pests better than actual wood. While fiber cement costs more than wood or vinyl initially, its longevity and optimized composition combining wood fibers and cement make it a worthwhile value you will appreciate for decades.

The siding consultants at Mid America Exteriors offer complete expertise in all board and batten material types to educate and assist you in choosing your perfect siding for functionality, cost and visual appeal.

Different Types of Board & Batten Styles
The Process of Installing Bay Windows

Essential Factors In Proper Board & Batten Installation

Our certified installation team upholds critical standards and techniques during board and batten application:

Prepping Walls & Sheathing

Damaged wall areas get repaired, and walls properly prepared including insulation or moisture barriers for weather-tight siding protection.

Utilizing Quality Flashing & Trim

Proper integration of flashing and trim prevents leaks around openings or roof lines while enabling clean transitions from siding to other surfaces.

Allowing Proper Ventilation

Vented installation promotes air circulation behind siding avoiding moisture buildup over time.

Meeting Wind Load Building Codes

Kansas building codes for wind shear resistance get met with designed fastening systems securing boards and battens firmly.

Achieving Consistent Seam Gaps & Overlaps

Even gaps and overlaps establish uniform sightlines delivering flawless visual flow that’s striking yet pleasing to the eye.

By adhering to these vital techniques and meticulous precision, we transform homes beautifully with superior board and batten siding for enduring performance and satisfaction.

For Wichita, KS homeowners seeking to revitalize their home’s allure with low-maintenance board and batten siding installed correctly at fair pricing, call (316) 265-5444 to contact Mid America Exteriors today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Board & Batten Siding Installation in Wichita, KS:

The average cost to install wood or composite board and batten siding in Wichita ranges from $6-12 per square foot including materials and professional installation. Fiber cement averages $9-14 per square foot while vinyl runs $3-7 per square foot.

Properly installed and maintained, board and batten siding lasts 12-15 years for lower-end products, 25+ years for mid-grade vinyl and composites, and over 50 years for the highest grade woods and fiber cements. Durability depends on material quality, exposure and upkeep.

Board and batten siding utilizes 1×2 or 1×3 vertical battens nailed over vertical board joints for the signature aesthetic. Galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel battens enhance durability while Clear Cedar or SmartSide composite battens mimic wood beautifully.

Leave small gaps between boards to allow natural expansion and contraction based on humidity and temperature changes. Caulk is only applied for corner boards and around windows doors, outlets or pipes to prevent moisture entry while allowing boards breathability.

Properly installed board and batten has boards spaced 1/8 to 1/4 inches apart and secured by battens spaced 12 to 16 inches apart depending on local building codes. Wider gaps risk moisture issues over time. Narrow gaps don’t allow breathing room.

Although less common, board and batten style siding can be installed horizontally using wider vertical battens with thinner horizontal siding boards instead. This still creates striking shadow lines unique to board and batten aesthetics.

Homes with board and batten siding appraise for 8-12% more on average over traditional lap siding designs. This impressive curb appeal directly correlates to higher home valuation and faster home sales when listed.

Board and batten siding should be installed over plywood, OSB, or existing flat sheathing rather than over uneven shakes, wood lap, or vinyl siding. This allows uniform nailing surfaces essential for proper installation and visual consistency.

We recommend installing an integrated insulation system featuring rigid foam covered by a weather-resistant barrier for optimal insulation and moisture protection behind beautifully installed board and batten siding.

The typical installation timeline ranges from 3-7 days depending on home size and complexity. The Mid America Exteriors team works efficiently from start to finish so you can enjoy your stunning, brand new siding without disruption.

For urgent siding repairs or affordable board and batten installation in the Wichita area, call (316) 265-5444 to speak with the professional siding specialists at Mid America Exteriors today. We provide free estimates for your ideal siding project.

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