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ProVia Windows in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is proud to offer ProVia Windows as one of the premium window brands we provide for homes in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience installing quality windows, we are experts at helping homeowners select the right ProVia windows to enhance energy efficiency, durability, and comfort in their living spaces.

Why Choose ProVia Windows?
New Construction Projects

Why Choose ProVia Windows?

As a made in the USA product built specifically for the Midwestern climate, ProVia Windows stand out with:

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

  • ProVia windows come standard with insulation enhancing Intercept® spacer systems and double-strength sealed glass units featuring double-pane construction and multi-chambered frame extrusions. This results in U-Factors as low as 0.27 for superior protection from heat and cold transmission.
  • Many ProVia windows also meet ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient criteria, considered among the most elite in energy conservation standards.
  • Multiple glazing options available, including triple pane designs to further prevent heat loss through the glass area.
  • Useful add-ons like SunCoat® or SunCoatMAX® low-emissivity coatings and triple-barrier EnRGy® insulated glass packs skyrocket energy savings potential for Wichita’s extreme weather shifts.

Innovative Designs

  • Specially crafted frame and sashes made from premium uPVC never require painting and resist fading, rotting, cracking and pest damage over decades of use.
  • Glass panels tilt in for convenient cleaning thanks to an innovative Balance Hinge System. Hardware components also designed not to loosen, corrode or pose safety hazards.
  • Varied styles suitable for every home design, from classic double hung and sliding windows to dramatic curved shapes, garden windows, and architecturally authentic options for historical restorations.

Superior Strength

  • ProVia uses premium virgin uPVC formulations and fusion welding methods for incredibly sturdy corner joints on frame and sash components.
  • Steel reinforcements added at vital structural areas prevents sagging, boosts compression strength, and deters forced entry.
  • ProVia Windows withstand intense wind loads and passed structural certification tests including AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-8 & 11 DP +/-50 PSF specifications.
  • Silver Line® dual-pane and Energy Elite triple pane glass packages meet or exceed grade 40 impact resistance under ASTM E1996 standards.

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Ideal Uses for ProVia Windows

With over 50 base models and unlimited customization potential, ProVia offers the perfect window type for:

Replacement Installations

  • Full frame windows available to match existing architectural openings precisely. This allows for straightforward retrofitting into spaces where old windows are being swapped out.
  • Insert frame options also facilitate installations into existing frames.
  • Sized to maintain interior and exterior aesthetic continuity.

New Construction Projects

  • Freedom to order windows fully customized to newly designed floor plans rather than size limitations.
  • Coordination services available for architects, contractors, and developers.
  • Structural enhancements like laminated composite reinforcement perfect for modern structural designs using light-gage steel framing.

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Ideal Uses for ProVia Windows
Top ProVia Windows Series for Wichita Homes
AsureTM Series

Top ProVia Windows Series for Wichita Homes

With series spanning good, better, and best quality tiers, ProVia offers home enhancement solutions at numerous budgets. We typically recommend the following for most of our Wichita customers:

EndureTM Series

The Endure series from ProVia represents their most cost-effective option combining durability and efficiency. Great for homeowners prioritizing value, key features include:

  • Welded, multi-chambered uPVC frames reinforced at stress points for long-term structural integrity.
  • Intercept® U-shaped spacer for improved insulation capacity.
  • Double-strength glassunalities with optimal solar and thermal performance.
  • Validated to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements for most Northern climate zones.
  • White or Beige exterior color options.
  • Affordable pricing perfect for large replacement projects.

We find the Endure series an ideal solution for budget-driven remodels where quality and functionality remain important.

AsureTM Series

ProVia’s Asure seriessteps up sustainability significantly. Serving as the brand’s most popular series in Wichita, standout features comprise:

  • Meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient metrics.
  • Triple-pane insulated glass units with double Low-E coatings standard.
  • Composite reinforcement for impressive structural integrity.
  • Steel reinforcements at meeting rails deter forced entry.
  • Beveled exterior profile for a clean, contemporary aesthetic.
  • Available in white or beige frame finishes.
  • Numerous style and configuration options.

With Asure windows you gain exceptional efficiency and security perfect for Wichita’s variable seasonal temperatures alongside smart style.

AerisTM Series

As ProVia’s best-in-class window solution, the innovative Aeris series offers the ultimate in beauty, comfort, strength, and customization flexibility with:

  • Quad-pane construction featuring triple Low-E coatings and Krypton/Argon blended gas fill for incredible insulation.
  • Some Aeris models rated as low as 0.12 U-Factor range.
  • Laminated inner strength enhancing composite layers.
  • Robust corner joints secured by high pressure fusion welding.
  • Choose from 16 striking exterior finishes.
  • Suitable for creating dazzling curved expanses via Radius shapes.
  • Limited lifetime warranty alongside 10-year glass breakage warranty.

Aeris windows are ProVia’s crowning achievement, granting peace of mind no matter what weather extremes Wichita’s seasons churn up year after year.

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Why Trust Mid America Exteriors for Your ProVia Window Installation?

With over a decade collectively installing windows in Wichita homes, Mid America Exteriors brings experience you can rely on for a smooth, efficient ProVia window installation.

Industry Training & Licensing

Our window technicians complete regular training updates on the latest techniques and best practices for window replacement and new construction installations. We maintain positive affiliations and accreditation with industry organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Responsiveness You Can Count On

We know how disruptive window-centric remodeling projects can feel. That’s why we promise to answer queries promptly, provide reliable scheduling and project duration estimates, show up on time, keep you informed if any delays or changes occur.

Careful Installation Practices

From initial measurements to final cleanup, our technicians take care to protect your property while work occurs. We take steps like laying down protective coverings over floors and other surfaces adjoining work areas. For replacement installs, we remove old frames with care to prevent structural damage before inserting new ProVia windows skillfully into existing openings.

Seamless Exterior Finishing

New construction installations often involve finishing work like insulating, flashing, trimming, and sealing around newly installed windows to secure proper waterproofing and weatherproofing integrity. Our crews handle these vital finishing tasks as part of the complete service.

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Maintaining Your ProVia Windows

Maintaining Your ProVia Windows

ProVia windows practically run maintenance-free thanks to durable materials inherently resistant to common issues like rotting, splitting, and pest infestation. But following some simple care steps will keep your windows looking their best for decades.

  • Clear debris from window tracks and wipe down with a damp cloth as needed to promote smooth operation.
  • Use household cleaner to spot treat any exterior discoloration.
  • For interior side cleaning, use basic window cleaners like Windex with soft microfiber cloths or paper towels.
  • Lubricate mechanical moving parts approximately once per year with white lithium grease.
  • Inspect weatherseals around the frame annually and reapply compatible sealant if any visible deterioration has occurred to ensure proper insulation and water resistance.
  • Check caulking around the exterior perimeter, recaulking if gaps appear to prevent water intrusion.
  • Confirm exterior weep holes at the sill remain clear to encourage drainage without water backup.

ProVia also recommends avoiding harsh chemicals, abrasive tools, or excessive force when cleaning to prevent scratching or damaging window surfaces.

FAQs on ProVia Windows in Wichita from Mid America Exteriors

Yes, most ProVia windows feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty on frame and component materials. Glass panels usually carry 10-year warranties covering breakage from thermal stress as well.

Choose from double hung, single hung, sliding, casement, awning, hopper, and fixed frame styles alongside more unique options like curved windows.

Yes, we partner with third-party financing companies to offer convenient payment plans, with options like 0% interest plans and deferred payment arrangements.

Major factors controlling job pricing include the quantity of windows needed, chosen window measurements, series tier selected, specialty shapes like rounded windows, installation type (new build or replacement), and if additional labor like framing modification or finishing work is required.

The project timeline truly aligns with the specifics of each job. Smaller swaps for only a few windows may take 1 day while whole home replacements with significant prepping can run over 1 week. We provide accurate estimates during consultations.

 Certainly. We submit all necessary permits associated with window replacements and new builds on your behalf.

We proudly provide several premium window product lines for Wichita homeowners featuring options to meet diverse quality and cost factors. Some brands we also specialize in including Simonton Windows, Jeld-Wen Windows, Pella Windows, and our own Mid America Select line.

ProVia Windows are designed to be durable and low-maintenance, without special care requirements. Just follow typical cleaning methods when desired to preserve visibility and beauty season after season.

The Aeris series from ProVia permits selecting from 16 rich exterior laminate colors to personalize windows to match virtually any architectural style or accent palette.

Absolutely! By upgrading to modern ProVia Windows featuring multiple glazing layers, thermally protective spacers, and insulating gas fills rather than outdated standard single pane windows, you slash cold and hot air leakage leading to measurably better interior comfort.

While acoustic dampening technology differs from basic efficiency, some ProVia double and triple pane window constructions display good sound buffering potential to make spaces more tranquil. We can suggest ideal models to reduce noise intrusion from busy roads, playgrounds etc. based on installation environment.