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MI Windows in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing MI Windows in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an authorized MI Windows dealer, we provide a full-service window replacement solution from start to finish.

Superior Materials and Construction

Why Choose MI Windows?

MI Windows is one of the most trusted and innovative window brands in the market today. Here are some key reasons to consider MI Windows for your next window replacement project:

Superior Materials and Construction

MI Windows utilizes technologically advanced materials and industry-leading construction to create durable and energy efficient windows built to last. Key features include:

  • Multi-chambered frame and sash construction filled with insulation to prevent heat and cold transfer
  • Fusion-welded corners for enhanced frame strength
  • Composite materials that won’t rot, warp, crack or swell
  • Stainless steel, interlocking weatherstripping at the meeting rails

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

MI Windows offers some of the most thermally efficient windows available, featuring:

  • Argon and krypton gas-filled insulating glass units
  • Low-E coatings that regulate heat transfer into and out of your home
  • U-Factor ratings as low as 0.17 (lower numbers indicate better insulating ability)
  • High Solar Heat Gain Coefficients to allow solar heat without overheating

This all adds up to maximum protection from outside temperatures so you use less energy heating and cooling your home.

Leading Glass Technology

MI Window’s innovative glass packages enhance energy savings while letting more natural light into your Wichita home. Options include:

  • Low-E Insulated Glass with argon gas fill
  • High Performance Low-E Insulated Glass with krypton gas fill and foam spacers
  • Triple-pane Insulated Glass Units with two panes of Low-E glass

Customization Options Galore

One of the best benefits of choosing MI Windows is the wide variety of custom configurations available to perfectly suit your home’s requirements. Customization options include:

  • Dozens of grid patterns and glass etching designs
  • Multiple interior and exterior color finishes
  • Several hardware finishes like Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze etc.
  • Specialty glass options like filtered obscure, tempered, and laminated glass
  • Custom sizing for even the most unusually sized openings
  • Operating or stationary combinations to meet ventilation needs

This high degree of customizability allows us to provide windows that not only function flawlessly, but also amplify the design and architecture of your home.

Warranties That Protect Your Investment

MI Windows offers exceptional warranties that allow you to invest confidently, knowing your new windows are covered. MI Windows provides:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all window components
  • 10-year Glass Breakage Warranty for extra peace of mind

These extensive warranties ensure your new windows will deliver durability and performance for years to come.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

When you choose Mid America Exteriors as your authorized MI Windows dealer, you can expect:

Free Consultation & Estimate

We provide free, no-strings-attached consultations and estimates for MI Windows. We will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your current windows
  • Discuss MI Windows benefits and options best suited for your home
  • Take precise measurements of all openings
  • Prepare an accurate proposal with pricing for the project

Professional Installation

Our in-house installation team, with over 10+ years experience, will handle your entire window installation process safely, skillfully, and on budget. Our technicians:

  • Organize window ordering & delivery logistics
  • Properly remove and dispose of existing window units
  • Install each perfectly-sized MI Window unit securely based on manufacturer guidelines
  • Ensure properly sealed frames and weather-tight installation
  • Provide outstanding clean-up and debris removal when finished

This guarantees a smooth, efficient replacement process.

Exceptional Warranties

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranties, Mid America Exteriors also guarantees our MI Window installation with warranties including:

  • Lifetime Installation Workmanship Warranty – We fully guarantee our precision workmanship
  • 5-Year Exterior Caulking and Sealing Warranty – We warrant caulking and exterior seals to be free of moisture penetration

This provides you with complete peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Locally Established Business

As a locally owned and operated Kansas company with over 10 years of reputation and credibility in Wichita, we truly care about each of our customers. We will treat you honestly and fairly from consultation to installation and long after with our warranty commitments.

You have the assurance that MI Windows installed by Mid America Exteriors will fulfill your highest expectations.

Call (316) 265-5444 today to schedule your free in-home consultation with an MI Windows specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions about MI Windows in Wichita, KS

Many homeowners have common questions when researching MI Windows in the Wichita area. Here we provide helpful answers to the queries we receive most often:

MI Windows stands out through proprietary innovations like the full composite SuperCapSR exterior coating that eliminates blistering and peeling issues common with typical vinyl windows. MI Windows also offers exceptional customization with industry-best energy efficiency.

Yes. MI Windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all components along with 10 years of Glass Breakage coverage. Mid America Exteriors supplements those with installation and caulking warranties.

MI Windows utilizes premium vinyl/composite materials with fusion-welded corners and multi-chambered engineering for superior durability and efficiency.

No. As an authorized MI Windows dealer, to provide the best expertise and installation, Mid America Exteriors only installs MI Windows products.

MI Windows never requires painting or staining. All windows come with durable finishes like white or beige that maintain their color long-term. Custom powder-coated exterior color finishes are also available.

Absolutely. MI Windows offers multiple specialty glass options like obscure, tempered, laminated and insulated glass units to meet privacy needs or enhance strength against forced entry.

The installation time can vary based on the number of windows but typically takes 1-2 days from start to finish. Our technicians work as efficiently as possible while ensuring proper installation standards.

We isolate work areas from living spaces as practicable. While some noise and dust is inevitable, we utilize drop cloths and vacuum regularly out of respect for your home environment.

We fully outline it in our estimate, but key steps include: removal & disposal of old windows, preparing openings, installing and integrating each new MI Window securely, interior/exterior seals and trim, testing operation, exterior caulking, and job site clean-up.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. We also can assist in arranging financing options from leading home improvement lenders.

Select MI Window styles can be ordered with built-in Smart Home sensor technology to enable remote operation and home automation integration.

Call (316) 265-5444 to ask additional questions or to schedule your free, no-obligation MI Windows consultation today!