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Steel Siding Wichita

Steel Siding Replacement in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is a siding replacement company in Wichita, KS with over 30 years of experience installing quality steel siding for homes and businesses. We specialize exclusively in steel siding replacement and offer full installation services as well as materials.

Why Choose Steel Siding?

Steel siding offers unique benefits over other sidings like vinyl, wood, or fiber cement. Key advantages of steel siding include:

Extreme Durability

Steel stands up to hail, high winds, impacts, and more without cracking, denting, or breaking. It comes with a 30 to lifetime warranty.

Fire & Pest Resistance

Steel siding is noncombustible and resistant to termites/pests. This added safety is ideal for the Wichita area.

Curb Appeal

With different color, texture & pattern options, steel siding offers beautiful visual interest that boosts curb appeal.

Lower Maintenance

Steel needs very little long-term care compared to other sidings that may need frequent painting/staining. Just rinse occasionally.

Cost Efficiency

Steel siding offers serious longevity compared to options like wood or fiber cement. It recoups much of its value over time.

Steel Siding Brands We Offer

Mid America Exteriors partners with top American steel siding manufacturers to give Wichita, KS homeowners exceptional options to choose from. Some of the high-quality steel siding brands we offer include:

  • Nailite Siding: A lightweight steel shake & shingle profile known for its versatility and customization with colors, textures & more. Ideal for traditional or craftsman homes.
  • Kiwi Steel: Specializes in standing seam metal panels that are up to 5x stronger than aluminum. Ideal for contemporary or modern houses.
  • US Steel: Offers strong 29ga corrugated, vertical, or t-panel steel profiles. More budget-friendly choice great for ranches and commercial buildings.
  • Atas Steel: Known for stone-coated steel, providing character and curb appeal of stone mixed with steel’s durability and longevity.

We help Wichita homeowners narrow down which profile works best for their home’s unique style and architecture while meeting their goals for added protection or improved looks.

Full-Service Steel Siding Replacement Process

Unlike other Wichita siding companies that only focus on installation, Mid America Exteriors handles your entire steel siding replacement project from start to finish, including:

Assessment & Quote

  • Free on-site assessment and visioning meeting
  • Inspection of existing siding and structure
  • Discussion of desired aesthetics, protection goals, and budget
  • Detailed project quote including materials, labor, timeline


  • Coordinate all permits and project requirements
  • Remove and dispose of existing siding
  • Assess structural damage or rot (additional repairs quoted separately)
  • Prepare surface for new siding installation

Steel Siding Installation

  • Coordinate delivery of all required replacement materials
  • Install moisture barrier and rain screen system
  • Attach substrate boards if required
  • Install panels of new steel siding properly per manufacturer
  • Use right details and transitions for corners, roof lines, windows
  • Confirm proper flashings and sealants applied

Finishing Touches

  • Install all trim, fascia, and accessories
  • Touch up paint and caulk as needed
  • Use a magnetic roller on the steel siding for clean finish
  • Double check all details meet code requirements
  • Thoroughly clean up site when done

Project Completion

  • Walkthrough and inspection with homeowner
  • Provide product and installation warranties
  • Submit any final paperwork (permits, etc.)
  • Offer helpful maintenance tips and recommendations

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

Mid America Exteriors offers all Wichita, KS homeowners top reasons to choose our company as your trusted steel siding replacement contractor:

Over 30 Years Specializing in Steel Siding: With a decade strictly focused on steel, we know all its intricacies. You benefit from our expertise.
Elite Certified MASTER Elite® Installer: Key team members have undergone advanced Master Elite training from Nailite.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We back up our work and aim to please with our Happiness Guarantee.
Superior Financing Options: We partner with LendingOne for great financing rates and terms up to 15 years.
Easy One-Stop Services: We handle your entire project from assessment to warranty and all details in between.

Comprehensive Steel Manufacturer Warranties: Get multi-decade material coverage safeguarding your investment.

The Mid America Exteriors difference means your experience stays stress-free and your new steel siding keeps you protected for decades.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

FAQs: Steel Siding Replacement in Wichita, KS

Rain screen systems create ventilation and drainage behind the steel siding to prevent moisture issues. Highly recommended!

Many modern color coatings in popular hues are available. Plus you can opt for wood grain look, galvanized, weathered finishes, and more. Lots of choices!

Properly cared for, steel siding lasts 40-60 years thanks to its durability and non-biodegradable materials. Far longer than wood, stucco, vinyl and more.

It depends! Exposed provides easier DIY access later on. Concealed gives a sleeker finish. We advise the best option for you.

In some cases yes depending on current siding type, inspection, and proper prep work. Other times full tear off is best for smooth final results.

It depends on your home’s architecture, look goals, and needs. Our experts will show you design mockups to determine what complements your property.

We ensure all trim, fascia, corners, windows and roof/wall transitions have proper flashings and are sealed, caulked, and painted to prevent moisture entry.

Yes, absolutely! We have access to extensive color coating catalogs from major brands to closely match your existing color schemes.

Not at all! Just rinse occasionally with low pressure water. No sanding, staining, or painting needed compared to wood and other sidings that demand frequent treatments.

Yes! In fact it gains value thanks tosteel’s attractive, durable curb appeal and energy efficiency. Easy to recoup ROI at selling.

For even more answers to your questions, contact Mid America Exteriors at  to chat with our Wichita steel siding installation pros.

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