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PlyGem Siding Installation and Replacement Services in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing PlyGem sidings in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an experienced PlyGem siding contractor, we offer a full range of siding services to help protect and beautify your home.

What is Everlast Siding?

PlyGem Siding Products We Install

As an authorized dealer, Mid America Exteriors provides installation and repairs for PlyGem’s full line of siding offerings, including:

  • Cedar Discovery Handcrafted Shingles: Recreates the rustic look and dimensional texture of real wood shingles with low maintenance benefits
  • MiraTEC Trim & Mouldings: Gorgeous trim enhancements crafted of cellular PVC that resists damage from moisture and pests
  • Aluminum Siding Panels: Offers heightened durability and energy efficiency with a sleek, contemporary look
  • Vinyl Siding: Features a wide array of styles, colors, and textures for long-lasting weather protection with easy upkeep
  • Steel Siding: Provides exceptional strength, longevity, and style through continuous deep-embossed woodgrain
  • Cement Board Siding: Delivers unmatched curb appeal and durability with realistic woodgrain texture; fire and moisture resistant
    In addition to these PlyGem products, we also provide and install a diverse selection of trims, soffits, fascia, accessories, and more to complete your siding installation.Our team is fully trained on proper building practices for PlyGem siding materials to ensure precision project results.

Siding Installation Services

Mid America Exteriors performs complete PlyGem siding installations, partial siding replacement projects, and upgrades over existing siding.

New Siding Installation

For new homes under construction or tear-down rebuilds, we handle the full siding installation process including:

  • Initial site evaluation and recommendations on optimal PlyGem products for your home’s style and location
  • Specialized preparation of home exterior prior to siding installation
  • Precise measurement and layout planning
  • Careful installation per manufacturer specifications for flawless function and visuals
  • Trim, flashing, accessories to provide a finished look
  • Final quality control inspection to ensure standards have been met
  • Proper clean up and disposal of waste material

By choosing our team at Mid America Exteriors for your new siding project, you can feel confident we have the expertise to fully execute the job from start to finish.

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing PlyGem sidings in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an experienced PlyGem siding contractor, we offer a full range of siding services to help protect and beautify your home.

Siding Replacement & Repairs

Over time, siding degrades from weathering damage, impact damage, pests, expansion/contraction, and more. Rather than continuing expensive repairs on deteriorating siding, a full siding replacement restores curb appeal, energy efficiency, and protective performance.

Our siding experts handle the entire replacement process:

  • Evaluation to determine if full or partial siding replacement is warranted based on condition of existing material, problem areas, overall look and performance
  • For partial replacements, detailed measurements and material requirements are taken of affected sections
  • Safe and proper removal of old siding while avoiding damage to interior walls or structure
  • Installation of new PlyGem siding products per manufacturer instructions
  • Restoration of trim, fascia, soffits, etc. for a finished appearance
  • Clean up and haul away of old siding debris

By choosing our locally owned company for your siding replacement project, you get attentive customer service focused on restoring the lasting functionality and elegant style of your home’s exterior.

Everlast Siding Color Options
Why Hire Mid America Exteriors for Everlast Siding?

Why PlyGem Siding?

With their cutting edge technology and design innovations, PlyGem offers homeowners in Wichita, KS exceptional sidings in styles and types to match diverse tastes.

Benefits of PlyGem Siding

Installing quality PlyGem siding products on your home provides valuable advantages such as:

  • Curb appeal: Contemporary profiles, woodgrain/stone textures, and bold colors available from PlyGem refreshes your home exterior’s attractiveness
  • Durability: Weather/impact resistant materials like steel, aluminum, PVC, and cement last for decades
  • Lower maintenance: Unlike wood siding, PlyGem products don’t require frequent repainting, staining, etc.
  • Energy efficiency: PlyGem insulated siding enhances HVAC performance reducing energy costs
  • Property value: Investing in PlyGem siding offers one of the highest ROI options to bolster resale value down the road

By leveraging PlyGem’s siding offerings for their exceptional quality, visual variety, and performance capabilities – you add outstanding asset protection and style to your property.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

With over a decade installing PlyGem and other top brand sidings in Wichita, KS, Mid America delivers proven expertise on every siding project including:


  • 1000+ Projects Completed: We have immense experience with siding replacements of all types and sizes of homes
  • Master Level Craftsmanship: Our crews demonstrate top-quality workmanship on every installation to manufacturer specifications
  • Safety Trained Teams: We follow stringent safety protocols on jobsites to prevent accidents and injuries


  • Locally Owned Wichita Company Focused on Client Satisfaction
  • Highly Responsive Project Management & Communication
  • Comprehensive Warranties on Installations for Added Protection


  • As factory certified PlyGem installer providing high volume of business, Mid America Exteriors can offer special pricing unavailable through most contractors
  • We Pass Bulk Discount Savings to Clients

For affordable pricing with premium craftsmanship and service – contact our team at (316) 265-5444 to schedule your free estimate!

Everlast Warranties
Why Choose Shake and Shingle Siding?

PlyGem Siding Pricing Factors

Exact PlyGem siding installation or replacement costs depend on your unique project considerations including:

  • Type of PlyGem siding product selected by homeowner
  • House square footage and number of stories requiring siding
  • Amount of preparation work needed (rot repair, removing barriers, etc.)
  • Accessibility factors for material delivery and installation
  • Choice of insulation inclusion and type (foam backing, rigid foam, etc.)
  • Specialty trim selection for windows, doors, corners, etc.
  • Regional material and labor costs based on your location

To receive a detailed quote with itemized costs on your specific house and preferred PlyGem siding products – call (316) 265-5444 to schedule an on-site estimate with our team. As an authorized dealer, we guarantee very competitive pricing versus other local contractors.

FAQs About PlyGem Siding Service in Wichita, KS

Still have some questions? Below are answers to our most common frequently asked questions from Wichita, KS clients about PlyGem siding installation and replacement:

For an average sized 2-story home of 2,000 – 3,000 sq.ft, our team can usually complete the tear-off and new siding installation in 4-7 business days depending on specifics.

We recommend fall as the ideal season for siding replacement since summer heat eases up and Kansas weather tends to be dry and mild before winter. However, we install siding year-round.

With proper installation and average wear-and-tear, you can expect PlyGem siding warranties of 35-50 years depending on material. Their steel siding even delivers multi-generational longevity.

Indicators your existing siding requires full replacement may include cracking/bowing/warping planks, sections visibly detaching from the home, holes/gaps/rot, persistent pest infestations behind siding, and droplets penetrating indoors.

Our team provides guidance on the best PlyGem siding type for your home considering budget, visual appeal, efficiency needs, weather exposure, neighborhood aesthetics and more. Each option has pros and cons to weigh.

Yes, investing in replacement siding yields over a 95% return on investment typically by bolstering curb appeal and energy performance. Quality PlyGem siding protects your most valuable asset.

The beauty of our PlyGem siding offerings is they do not require frequent staining or painting upkeep thanks to protective materials and rich color-through options. Periodic hose-downs maintain appearance.

We provide varying levels of insulation from simple foam backing sheets to maximize energy efficiency to premium rigid insulation boards. The insulation selected influences overall project pricing.

Yes! To provide payment flexibility, we partner with top financing companies offering special loans for home improvement projects with fixed rates and terms from 6 months to 15 years. Get the PlyGem siding you want today through financing.

For any additional questions or to receive our special pricing on PlyGem siding installation or replacement – call Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444! With exceptional quality, service and affordability – we encourage you to make your siding dreams reality!