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Vertical Siding Replacement Wichita

Vertical Siding Installation in Wichita, KS by Mid America Exteriors

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise providing quality vertical siding replacement services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an experienced local contractor, we understand the nuances of working on homes in the Wichita climate.

Locally Owned & Trusted

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors?

As a siding company serving Wichita for over a decade, Mid America Exteriors has seen all types of siding issues and installations. Our experienced team has the knowledge to provide sound recommendations and properly install new vertical siding on your home.

Some key reasons to choose us for your vertical siding replacement project:

Locally Owned & Trusted

We are not an impersonal national chain. All work is done by our trained Wichita-area employees, many who have been with us for years.

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in the quality of work we deliver on every Wichita siding installation and stand behind it with our guarantees.

Attention to Detail

 All vertical siding projects, big or small, get our dedicated focus and attention to detail throughout the process.

Timely & Efficient

We work efficiently to complete all siding jobs on schedule, with minimal disruption to your home life.

Fully Licensed & Insured

 For your protection, our company and all our siding technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Trusted By Homeowners

Read reviews online and you’ll see firsthand how area homeowners rate their experience with our Wichita siding company.

Ready to get started on transforming the exterior of your Wichita home with new vertical siding? Call (316) 265-5444 today for a free estimate.

What is Vertical Siding?

Before discussing vertical siding replacement costs and other project details, let’s start with what exactly vertical siding is. This type of specialized siding gets its name from its vertical (up and down) orientation when installed on exterior walls.

Some of the most common vertical siding styles we provide and install in the Wichita area include:

  • Board & Batten Siding – Features wider vertical boards with slim strips of trim (battens) placed over seams
  • Shiplap Siding – Boards are edge-machined to create a tight-fitting vertical joint
  • Channel Siding – Boards have vertical grooves cut into them for a distinctive look

Other advantages of switching to vertical siding in your Wichita siding project:

Benefits of Vertical Siding

  • Directs rain and moisture away from the home much more effectively than horizontal siding
  • Unique appearance and visual appeal
  • Capable of standing up extremely well to strong Kansas winds over time
  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes to achieve your desired look

Clearly vertical siding offers some compelling benefits. But to decide if it’s the right choice when replacing your existing siding, let’s look at some of the reasons homeowners choose to embark on Wichita vertical siding installation projects in the first place.

What is Vertical Siding?
Why Replace Your Wichita Siding?

Why Replace Your Wichita Siding?

If your Wichita area home’s existing siding is showing signs of wear, age, damage or poor initial installation, replacement should be strongly considered.

Some specific triggers that it’s time to replace siding:

  • Visible Damage: Cracking, dents, warping and rotting are all signs damaged siding should be swapped out. If underlying moisture barriers have failed, further unseen damage may have occurred.
  • Age-Related Deterioration: Over time, sun exposure and Kansas weather takes a heavy toll on exterior building materials. Fading color, flaking paint and loose boards mean siding has reached end of usable lifespan.
  • Poor Initial Installation: Unfortunately inferior workmanship does happen. From loose nail fastening to improperly sealed joints, poor installation shortens lifespan.
  • Energy Inefficiency: Outdated siding likely has little insulation value. New materials can greatly improve energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: For many homeowners, the #1 driver for siding replacement is achieving a desired new exterior look.

Does your home’s siding show any of these warning signs? Then a replacement project may be in order. Mid America Exteriors can provide a detailed assessment along with vertical siding recommendations tailored to your home’s specific needs.

What Is Involved in Vertical Siding Replacement?

Taking on a siding replacement project may seem like a major endeavor. Having an experienced Wichita siding company like Mid America Exteriors guide you through each phase is key for minimizing disruption and achieving results you’ll love.

Here’s an overview of the vertical siding replacement process:

Siding Removal

We take great care in dismantling and disposing of your existing siding materials properly. Any intact boards that can be salvaged are set aside. Special attention is given not cause damage to window frames and other trim.

Surface Prep

With old siding removed, we thoroughly prepare the subsurface. Rotted areas are repaired, and surfaces are leveled and smoothed to ensure proper installation.

Moisture Barrier Installation

A high-quality water-resistive barrier is applied across the entire subsurface. This special membrane helps prevent moisture intrusion that could lead to mold, wood rot and other costly issues.

Flashing & Trim

Flashing is installed around windows, doors, joints, and roofline edges prior to new siding going up. This creates a weatherproof seal protecting sensitive areas from moisture damage. The aesthetic look of trim pieces will complement your new siding style.

Vertical Siding Installation

With subsurface fully prepped, it’s time for our crews to get to work installing your new vertical siding. Boards are carefully handled and precisely affixed. Joints, seams and edges all receive special attention.

Sealants & Finishing Touches

We apply quality caulking and sealants throughout the new siding installation for maximum weather resistance. Our finishing crew will address any cosmetic adjustments to ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Job Site Clean-Up

We perform final cleaning and haul away any old siding debris and leftover materials. The only thing left behind is your home newly transformed with gorgeous, durable vertical siding.

Our specialized experience makes exterior upgrades far easier. Let us handle the hassles of your next siding project – (316) 265-5444!

What Factors Affect Vertical Siding Replacement Cost?

We know one of the first questions asked when planning any siding replacement is “How much will it cost?” Since every Wichita home and project scope differs quite a bit, nailing down precise vertical siding installation pricing too early isn’t realistic. However, we can share typical cost factors:

House Size – Larger homes equal bigger siding expenses. But size alone doesn’t tell full story…

Access Considerations – Multi-story homes or elaborate rooflines with difficult accessibility drive up installation costs. Simple single-story homes are most budget friendly.

Siding Amount Needed – Requires calculating all exterior wall square footage minus windows and doors. Material needs rise the more siding must cover.

Siding Type – Basic cement boards cost far less than premium woods or simulated cedar shakes. The style affects pricing.

Trim Treatments – Specialty trim options like crown molding increase overall costs but provide exceptional curb appeal.

Prep Work Required – Replacing damaged wall subsurface before installing siding adds labor hours and building materials to overall project investment.

Staging Requirements – Lifting equipment, scaffolding rentals, dumpster fees all contribute to bottom line.

Specific Project Scope – Full tear-off vs over-top projects widely differ. Storm damage fixes impact scope. Whether electrical, stucco repair or chimney work falls under the siding project umbrella also causes cost fluctuations.

With so many variables at play, the most accurate vertical siding replacement costs can only be determined after an initial inspection of your home’s unique specifications. Investment ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000+ for full projects.

Mid America Exteriors eliminates sticker shock by providing accurate itemized estimates before starting, clearly laying out what’s included so there’s no mystery.

Call (316) 265-5444 to schedule your no-obligation quote today!

What Factors Affect Vertical Siding Replacement Cost?
Transform Your Curb Appeal With New Vertical Siding

Transform Your Curb Appeal With New Vertical Siding

When it comes to home improvements that deliver strong return on investment, siding replacement ranks near the top. Few other exterior upgrades provide such dramatic transformation. Going from worn fading walls to a pristine facade with crisp, attractive vertical siding immediately boosts streetside appeal and raises resale value.

Our specialized vertical siding solutions combined with expert Wichita installation ensure you’ll absolutely love the results for years to come.

Frequently Asked Wichita Siding Questions

Wondering whether vertical siding is right for your replacement project? Here we answer homeowners’ most common queries about installing new siding in Wichita:

With quality materials, proper installation, and simple periodic maintenance like repainting, you can expect most types of vertical siding to last 30-50 years in tough Midwest conditions. Higher-end exotic woods and simulated materials endure even longer when correctly cared for.

While standard policies cover wind damage, hail damage requires adding separate endorsement. File claim as soon as damage noticed. Per your policy, the insurer may send own adjuster to first determine whether replacement covered before we proceed with work.

Both offer durability and low maintenance. Cement fiber boards provide realistic wood look for less cost. Vinyl is lighter weight, affordable, but lower resale appeal for some. Price and visual preference typically drive decision.

In some cases yes, but factors like existing siding type, flatness of walls underneath, and desired new siding appearance determine if overtop installation is feasible. A professional assessment of your home is needed to advise best approach.

Simple upkeep preserves appearance and lifespan. Annually inspect for damage. Repaint when wear shows. Keep soil/plants from direct contact with siding above. Use extendable pressure washer to clean gently when needed.

We provide a minimum 5-year installation warranty on all vertical siding projects, backing our experienced workmanship. Separate manufacturer warranties also cover materials for long periods against defects.

Stain provides necessary protection for bare cedar and redwood. Cement boards come pre-finished from factory. Vinyl also does not require painting. Other wood types utilize primer and at least two finish coats after installing raw lumber.

Ready to learn more? Have additional questions? Call Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444 to discuss your Wichita home’s siding needs with our team.

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