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Residential Windows Replacement Wichita

Transform Your Wichita Residence with Our Window Replacement Solutions

Mid America Exteriors is a leading provider of residential window replacement services in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of expertise crafting customized window solutions, we have the experience to handle all of your window replacement needs.

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for Your Wichita Window Replacement Project?

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for Your Wichita Window Replacement Project?

Our Wichita window installers have the qualifications and expertise to get your window replacement job done right. Here’s why you should choose us:

Locally Owned Company

 As a local Wichita company, we take great pride in our workmanship and reputation. Our success depends entirely on the 100% satisfaction of customers like you.

Highly Trained Installation Teams

Our window replacement crews complete extensive hands-on training before being assigned to your job site. Each crew member is dedicated to respecting you and your home during the installation process.

Premium Window Brands:

 We source from top vinyl and wood window manufacturers so we can recommend the perfect windows to match the look and functionality you desire. Brands include Pella, Andersen, and Jeld-Wen.

Full-Service from Start-to-Finish:

From measuring and ordering to installation and exterior trim replacement, we provide complete window replacement services tailored to your home and schedule.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

All of our vinyl and wood window replacements are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you until you’re 100% happy!

Vinyl vs Wood Replacement Windows: Which is Best?

Deciding whether vinyl or wood windows are the right choice depends largely on your home’s existing construction, desired aesthetics, usage needs, and budget. Our expert team can help you determine if vinyl or wood makes the most sense.

Vinyl Window Benefits

Vinyl windows have grown enormously in popularity due to an optimal balance of benefits:

  • Very energy efficient and able to significantly reduce heating/cooling costs
  • Require minimal maintenance since vinyl resists rotting, warping, and rust
  • Vinyl color is molded through so paint touch ups are unnecessary
  • Vinyl windows feature quality hardware, high transparency, and clean sightlines
  • Often the most budget-friendly window replacement option

Wood Window Benefits

For some homeowners, the elegance and architectural detail of wood windows makes them well worth the investment.

  • Can be customized to match nearly any home’s original style or windows
  • Wood offers unmatched insulation capabilities, though does require diligent maintenance
  • Stained wood interior adds warmth and dimension to any room
  • Vinyl-wrapped wood composite blends low-maintenance exteriors with wood interiors
  • Range from affordable to high-end custom wood windows, depending on features

Whether opting for vinyl, wood, or a smart composite, our team finds vinyl solutions for every home, project scope, and budget.

Vinyl vs Wood Replacement Windows: Which is Best?

Common Window Problems Solved by Replacement

If your home suffers from uncomfortable drafts, high energy bills, condensation issues, aged appearance, or security concerns, chances are your windows need to be replaced.

Modern vinyl and wood window technology offers dramatic advancements to transform all aspects of your home:

Draft Reduction

New weatherstripping and triple pane glass keep interior warmth in and external temperature extremes out. No more frigid breezes or blazing heat permeating through cracks around poorly-sealed windows.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient glazing, improved insulation between windowpanes, thermally broken frames, and climate-specific options like low-E glass qualify most replacement windows for ENERGY STAR ratings. This saves households nationwide an average of 12% on electric bills and 11% on gas bills.

Condensation & Humidity Control

Advanced glazing systems prevent water vapor from accumulating on windows, allowing humidity and condensation to properly diffuse so problematic dripping and frost is eliminated.

Security Features

Replacing aging windows with forced entry resistant models incorporating laminate glass, reinforced frames, specialty locking hardware and more protects your home. Many insurance companies even offer security-related savings for approved windows.

Contemporary Styling

Replace old, dated windows with fresh, architectural styles and custom configurations aligning with your home’s period. Added trim, stained wood, muntins, unique shapes address aesthetic needs beyond just function.

Average Cost to Replace Windows in Wichita, KS

Local material and labor expenses factor into Wichita’s window replacement costs. Expect to pay an average of $650 – $1,100 per window depending on your home’s specifics.

Elements impacting your total investment include:

  • Type of Frame Material – vinyl vs wood vs fiberglass
  • Energy Efficiency Rating – meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR standards
  • Number of Lites – grids that create windowpanes
  • Egress Compliance – bedroom escape requirements
  • Special Shapes – arched, rounded, or custom cut windows
  • Accessory Upgrades – muntins, stained glass, built-in blinds
  • Installation Needs – drywall repair, trim, exterior work
  • Window Dimensions – material quantity and structural needs

Keep in mind that any investment in replacement windows returns savings every month through energy bill reductions, not to mention improved home functionality, comfort, and resale value. Our team provides free estimates, allowing you to set a window replacement budget fully informed on costs and long-lasting benefits.

Residential Window Replacement Process from Start to Finish

Once you schedule your initial replacement window consultation with Mid America Exteriors, our efficient process takes care of everything needed to renew your home with beautiful new windows:

In-Home Window Consultation

An expert will visit your home to evaluate your current windows, discuss project goals, take precise measurements, and provide recommendations. Receive a custom quote detailing options to find the perfect windows for you.

Schedule Project & Window Order Placement

Together we’ll confirm project specifics including timeline, crew schedule, window styles and colors, accessories, delivery logistics, permits (if needed), etc. Manufacturing of your custom windows takes 2-4 weeks.

Window Installation Day

Our professional install crews will protect your home, remove existing windows/trim, properly install new windows, test for quality assurance, haul away old materials/debris, and leave your site clean.

Exterior Trim Replacement & Finishing Touches

After windows are secure, crews will replace any damaged exterior trim or stops with new materials to ensure a seamless transition and aesthetic consistency.

Project Walkthrough & Payment

Walk through your finished window replacement job, test functionality, sign for completion, and finalize financing/payment for amazing new windows you’ll enjoy for decades.

Every member of our team values open communication and taking the extra time to ensure you fully understand the replacement window solution for your home.

Why Trust Mid America Exteriors as Your Local Wichita Window Installer?

With transparent pricing, custom options to fit your specific home, unparalleled warranties, highly trained installation crews, and thousands of satisfied Wichita customers, Mid America Exteriors is the reputable choice for window replacement. For project quotes or inquiries, call (316) 265-5444 today. We serve Wichita plus all surrounding areas.

FAQs: Wichita Window Replacement Services

Customers often have common questions when replacing windows in a Wichita home. Here we’ve answered some frequently asked window replacement FAQs:

Most window replacements involve a 1-day installation as long as windows are onsite and ready to install. Larger whole home projects take 2-3 days. Total timeline is 4-6 weeks from order to completion.

Open communication is key here – some want all new windows ASAP for consistency, others prefer spreading investment over years. We offer flexibility to replace a few or all windows when you’re ready.

Our crews remove sufficient exterior material around windows for safe installation and replace with fresh, color-matched trim. We ensure exteriors look as flawless as the impressive new windows.

Yes, our quoted pricing always includes properly removing/replacing all interior stops and exterior wraps that secure windows for a streamlined appearance.

Precise measurements are taken by our consultants using the existing window frame openings. Windows are custom ordered and manufactured to fit those dimensions for seamless installation.

Yes, sliding glass doors often run higher in price than standard windows due to larger material sizes, advanced weatherproofing, specialty features, etc. needed. Evaluation of your existing sliding doors is always recommended.

Yes, the reputable brands we represent back their windows with excellent warranties should any hardware issues or glass breakage occur. We also provide service calls to ensure your windows keep functioning perfectly.

No, our installers take great care to protect your existing blinds, curtains, valances or other treatments during the process. They may temporarily remove them but we always rehang and reinstall once windows are complete.

No need to worry with today’s vinyl, wood, and composite windows. All feature durable construction resistant to UV rays and allow for easy cleaning/maintenance so they stay looking beautiful.

Our window manufacturers extensively test glazing strength and window integrity against all manner of extreme weather. Rest assured your new windows meet or exceed the highest impact ratings to continue protecting your home.