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Lap Siding Replacement Wichita

Lap Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is a siding replacement company with over 30 years of experience installing quality lap siding on homes in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. We are experts at full tear-off services for damaged or aging siding and re-siding with beautiful, durable vinyl products that increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

Lap Siding Overview: Styles, Materials, Colors & Benefits

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for Your Lap Siding Replacement Project?

When it comes to replacing lap siding on your Wichita home, you can count on Mid America Exteriors for:

A Team of Industry Veterans

  • Siding contractors with over 30 years experience specifically with lap siding installation and replacement projects in the Wichita area
  • In-depth familiarity with all major brands and types of lap sidings to provide options on what will look and perform best on your home
  • Dedicated project managers to oversee the seamless completion of your lap siding installation

Top Quality Products

  • Exclusive relationships with ProVia, James Hardie, and Ply Gem to offer the most cutting-edge vinyl and fiber cement lap sidings on the market
  • Custom recommendations on ideal siding options given your home’s unique architecture, materials, and desired aesthetic
  • Attention to detail in properly preparing and installing lap siding to manufacturer specifications so it performs optimally for decades

Diligent Siding Replacement Process

  • Complete tear-off and disposal of your existing siding in an eco-friendly manner
  • Careful wrapping and sealing of windows, doors, landscape materials, and other exteriors prior to installation
  • Meticulous air sealing, moisture remediation, flashing integration at problem areas to prevent future leaks or damage
  • Step-by-step installation of lap siding per industry best practices to enhance durability and longevity
  • Multi-point quality assurance checks throughout the siding replacement process

For a free estimate on transforming the exterior of your Wichita home with beautiful new lap siding properly installed by our pros, call (316) 265-5444 today!

Lap Siding Styles & Materials for your Wichita Home

Choosing new lap siding involves decisions around style based on your home’s look and functionality. Popular styles of lap siding suitable for the Wichita climate include:

Dutch Lap

  • Narrow 3-6 inch exposure width
  • Angled top edge directs water away from lap joints
  • Highly customizable with trim, patterns, mixed material textures
  • Economical option for full coverage with seamless look


  • Bead board grooves cut into every plank for added dimension and interest
  • Historically popular siding style with both contemporary and traditional charm
  • Creates pleasant vertical striping effect drawing the eye upward
  • Distinctive look for focal walls or home accents


  • Wide exposure 6-12 inches displays more of siding’s face for bolder curb appeal
  • Features long, horizontal lines for a streamlined look
  • Can mimic appearance of wood planks when using grained vinyl lap
  • One of the easiest lap styles for DIY installation


  • Made of PVC compound mixed with special polymers, vinyl never requires painting and resists fading
  • Our ProVia vinyl lap siding features PermaColor protection against bleaching from the sun
  • Vinyl is an affordable option available in various colors and textures mimicking wood grain

Fiber Cement

  • Fiber cement contains a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers molded into planks
  • Our James Hardie fiber cement lap options deliver superior durability, fire resistance up to Class A rating, and resistance to rotting or common defects
  • While more expensive than vinyl, fiber cement is an incredibly impact-resistant, low maintenance alternative to wood siding
Lap Siding Overview: Styles, Materials, Colors & Benefits
Rose Hill Siding Installation

Lap siding refers to long, horizontal panels with a portion of one edge overlapped by the next panel to cover the wall. Lap siding comes in vinyl, fiber cement, engineered wood, and other materials to suit different budgetary needs and architectural styles.

Lap Siding Overview: Styles, Materials, Colors & Benefits

Lap Siding Materials

Mid America Exteriors offers lap siding replacement using only the highest caliber materials built to withstand the seasonal temperature swings, wind, moisture issues unique to Wichita. Choices include:

Lap Siding Color Palettes

Spanning from elegant neutrals to bold, rich hues, we have access to hundreds of lap siding colors and aesthetics for you to select from. Our experts also provide professional color consultations examining architectural elements and landscaping to recommend color palettes guaranteed to elevate your home’s appearance.

Some of our recommended options include:

Natural Wood Tones

Warm beiges, deep browns, and textured wood-mimicking patterns remain classic color choices for lap siding in the Midwest. These earthy tones beautifully coordinate with brick, stucco, and stone on neighboring homes.

Shades of Grey

Whether you prefer a cool, muted charcoal or lively blue-grey, grey lap siding sets off crisp white trim and black accents for stunning modern contrast. Grey also spotlights craftsman features on bungalows and other architectural styles.

Statement Shades

Vibrant blues, reds, greens, and other bolder hues make for an insta-worthy façade with serious curb appeal. Statement lap siding transforms any traditional home into a showcase piece.

Benefits of Lap Siding Replacement in Wichita Homes

Beyond enhancing aesthetics, installing or replacing lap siding on your home produces a wide range of benefits including:

Increased Energy Efficiency

  • New vinyl or fiber cement lap siding provides a continuous protective envelope around your home preventing air leaks
  • The layered overlaps and integrated installation sealant further maximize insulation

This saves significantly on heating and cooling costs year-round

Enhanced Durability & Longevity

  • Lap siding applied properly by our pros will last for 30 years
  • The overlapping design alleviates many of the moisture penetration issues leading to rot or decay at joints or seams prone with other sidings
  • Lap siding is incredibly resilient against impact damage from errant balls, branches, weather events

Lower Maintenance Requirements

  • Engineered wood or fiber cement lap siding is virtually maintenance free once installed
  • Vinyl never needs paint upkeep, power washing, or sealing
  • The seamless appearance keeps exterior maintenance lighter versus breaking up siding bays

Improved Resale Value

  • A full siding replacement project recovers over 70% of your investment in added home value
  • Beautiful new lap siding can drastically modernize your home’s look, demand top dollar
  • Curb appeal matters – lap siding’s clean lines and customization draws more buyers

Superior Weather Protection in Wichita

  • Lap siding’s overlapping joints prevent rain, snowmelt, and moisture penetration through the walls
  • Deep profile sidings with multiple layers and integrated strips block driving winds, icy build up, blowing debris
  • Lap siding won’t warp, swell, or deteriorate under seasonal expansion and contraction cycles

For lap siding replacement perfectly suited for Wichita homes, call Mid America Exteriors at (316) 265-5444 for a free estimate.

Benefits of Lap Siding Replacement in Wichita Homes
Lower Maintenance Requirements

Lap Siding Replacement Process from Start to Finish

When you choose Mid America Exteriors as your lap siding installation experts, we make the entire process smooth from your initial estimate to the final walkthrough. Here’s what you can expect:

Consultation & Estimate

  • A siding specialist will survey your home, assess problem areas needing repair, and discuss the look you want to achieve
  • We provide a detailed quote outlining the full project scope and product options for you to review

Surface Preparation

  • On siding replacement jobs, we remove all existing siding materials down to the sheathing
  • Damaged areas of wall are repaired and sheathing reinforced as needed
  • New code-approved house wrap and/or rain screen goes up securing the structure


  • With surfaces prepped, our crew precisely measures and cuts lap siding panels custom for your home
  • We integrate perfectly matched trim, corners, profiles with careful attention to detail at intersections
  • Throughout the process, we verify proper integration with roofing lines, windows, penetrations to prevent future issues

Finishing Touches

  • The last step focuses on integrating critical flashing, caulking, sealing elements to weatherproof for the long term
  • We thoroughly clean the site and haul away all debris
  • A final multi-point inspection ensures your satisfaction

Follow Up

  • We will schedule optional post-installation inspections at 6 months and 1 year to check that all products are performing as intended
  • You also receive our exclusive 20-year labor warranty guaranteeing repairs related to defects or workmanship

Let the siding specialists at Mid America Exteriors make it simple to gain beautiful, durable lap siding that increases your home value. Contact us at (316) 265-5444!

Frequently Asked Questions about Lap Siding Replacement in Wichita

Many homeowners just like you have common questions around the best approach to replacing lap siding in the Wichita area. Here we answer some of the most frequently posed questions.

Most lap siding installations take 7-10 business days from start to finish for an average single family home. Labor-intensive process steps like demoing the old siding and debris removal comprise the bulk of the time. However, more complex housing profiles adding heights or angles can extend the time slightly.

Prep work is handled by our team during the siding replacement process. However, repairs can add time and cost if issues like rotted sheathing, moisture damage, or inferior framing exist and need remediation. Our estimates determine necessary items so you have full price transparency up front.

New siding installation is the perfect time to refresh interior wall paint since existing colors likely won’t match the updated exterior. A few of our siding package options include full prep, priming, and interior painting services to deliver a 100% made over look.

Both vinyl and fiber cement make fantastic, durable lap siding options for most Wichita homes. As the more affordable choice, vinyl lap siding offers a wider range of colors and profiles plus lowest maintenance needs. For incredible impact protection with natural wood aesthetics, fiber cement is a superior choice and qualifies for Class A fire resistance ratings.

Installing lap siding over another existing siding instead of full tear-off replacement is never advisable. This approach risks trapping moisture between layers leading to mold, rot, cracking, and premature failure. For optimal seamless installation and weatherproof performance, we always fully remove and dispose of the old siding first.

For properly integrated protection against rain overflow issues, we recommend installing new gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts immediately following your lap siding project. This sequences installation so shingles, siding, and trim ends right at the roof edge for the gutter attachment to pick up.

Minimal maintenance is a major perk of quality lap siding! However, we recommend homeowners:

  • Gently clean vinyl siding annually with a soft brush and mild, non-abrasive vinyl cleanser
  • Avoid spraying fiber cement lap direct with harsh pressure washers – use low pressure rinse instead
  • Inspect lap joints, penetrations, caulk seals periodically and touch up as needed
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back preventing brush abrasions

Proactive steps preserves long-lasting performance and appearance.

For answers to all other questions about transforming your Wichita property through lap siding replacement, call (316) 265-5444 to speak with Mid America Exteriors now.

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