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ProVia Doors in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors has over 30 years of expertise installing beautiful, durable ProVia doors for homes in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As an authorized ProVia dealer, we have extensive experience helping homeowners select the perfect ProVia doors to match their home’s style and meet their functionality needs.

Overview of ProVia's Door Options
Wood Doors

Overview of ProVia's Door Options

ProVia offers a wide selection of specialized doors made from fiberglass, steel, and wood. As a made-in-America brand, their doors are constructed from quality materials right in their Ohio facility.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are an excellent choice if you’re looking for superior durability and energy efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Durable fiberglass construction prevents denting, rotting, and warping
  • Variety of styles from modern to traditional to suit home’s architecture
  • Customizable with decorative glass inserts, sidelights, transoms, and hardware
  • Available in smooth or woodgrain textured fiberglass finishes
  • Energy efficient with foam insulated cores up to 7x more than wood doors
  • Low-maintenance and easily cleaned

Steel Doors

For exceptional security and durability, ProVia offers steel doors tested to withstand over 1600 pounds of force. Their steel doors provide:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction prevents forced entry
  • Foam insulated for thermal efficiency
  • Customizable style options including flush, 6-panel,full view glass, and more
  • Finished with dent-proof, fade-resistant Duracast coating
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Security sensors, deadbolts, and hardware can integrate

Wood Doors

ProVia wood doors made from oak, cherry, mahogany, and more offer natural beauty. As true wood doors, they provide:

  • Real stile-and-rail wood construction
  • Custom staining and painting to match home’s look
  • Energy efficient insulation between rails and stiles
  • Dent-resistant polymer extrusion perimeter
  • Heavyweight interlocking meeting stiles
  • Available with sidelights, transoms, and coordinating entries

Why Homeowners in Wichita Choose ProVia?

There are several key reasons why ProVia doors are a popular choice among homeowners in the Wichita area:

Customized Beauty

With a wide range of styles from modern to classic, ProVia doors can be customized with decorative glass, finishes, hardware, and accessories to beautifully suit each home’s unique architecture and the owner’s personal taste.


ProVia doors are constructed from premium materials like wood, fiberglass, and steel to prevent denting, rotting, warping and wear-and-tear no matter what Wichita’s variable climate dishes out. Their durable construction ensures they’ll provide security and function beautifully for decades to come.

Energy Efficiency

ProVia’s foam insulated doors with advanced weatherstripping excel at insulating homes in Wichita’s windswept climate of extreme cold winters and hot summers. Even their wood doors have an insulating polymer perimeter to prevent air leaks. By choosing ProVia doors, homeowners benefit from energy savings and consistent indoor comfort.

Storm Protection

ProVia’s thick, reinforced doors made of the strongest materials deliver exceptional wind and impact resistance, making them well-equipped to withstand severe Kansas thunderstorms, hailstorms and any extreme weather events.

Trusted Kansas Brand

With manufacturing in Kansas and headquarters in Dodge City, KS, ProVia is a true local brand familiar to many Wichita area homeowners. Their reputation for durable, customized doors that protect Kansas homes make them a popular and trusted choice in the region.

entry doors
Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for ProVia Door Installation
Precision Fitting

Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for ProVia Door Installation?

As an authorized ProVia dealer providing expert installation in Wichita for over 10 years, Mid America Exteriors offers several advantages when it comes to precisely fitting your ProVia door:

Comprehensive Consultations

We provide complimentary consultations to determine your preferred style, walk you through accurate measurements of your home’s openings, recommend customized solutions to match your home’s look, and ensure proper fit and hassle-free installation

Seamless Ordering & Delivery

We place orders directly with ProVia’s Kansas warehouse for faster turnaround so you get your door when you need it, coordinate delivery, and take care of offloading so you don’t have to worry about a thing

Precision Fitting

Our installers have extensive experience expertly fitting ProVia doors to achieve clean, tight lines and smooth operation free of sticking or rubbing

Correct Installation

 We properly install doors to be plumb, square, and level and adjust them for ideal clearances essential to protection against air leaks, seamless operation, weather resistance, and security

Ongoing Maintenance

As needed, we return for weatherstripping replacement, adjustments, finishing touch ups, hardware fixes, and any other maintenance required to keep your ProVia door functioning flawlessly

ProVia Door & Entryway Styles Offered in Wichita

ProVia provides exceptional flexibility when it comes to selecting door styles. Between three product lines featuring fiberglass, steel and wood doors, they offer diverse categories and models that can match any home exterior in the Wichita area:

Entry Doors

Pinnacle Fiberglass Doors Pinnacle fiberglass doors represent ProVia’s elite line made with durable narrowline fiberglass and foam insulation. Popular styles we offer in the Wichita area include:

  • Eclipse – Contemporary style door with clean lines, large glass vision panels
  • Cambrian – Decorative full view door with narrow muntin bars
  • Lyon – Classic 3/4 OvalLite style with an elegant curved glass detail
  • Berrian – Traditional triple vision panel door with decorative glass sidelights

Signet Fiberglass Doors

The Signet Series features classic and modern fiberglass doors durable enough for everyday use. Well-matched options include:

  • Fairfield – Timeless woodgrain style 6-panel door
  • Imperial – Stately door combining glass fan details within crisp raised panels
  • Metro – Sleek full glass vision panel door delivering modern curb appeal
  • Bristol – Welcoming crosshatch style door with decorative glass sidelights

Legacy Steel Doors

ProVia’s Legacy Steel doors deliver exceptional durability, security, and energy savings:

  • Standard – Sturdy panel steel door tested to withstand 1600 lbs of force
  • Madison – Beautifully crafted oak grain steel door with decorative glass
  • SolarGuard – Insulated polished steel door reflecting sunlight and heat
  • Barcelona – Ornate steel door with delicate wrought iron glass inserts

Heritage Wood Doors

For homeowners wanting natural, unparalleled beauty of real wood doors, Heritage models like these exquisite options forged from oak and mahogany are ideal:

  • Brunswick – Straight-lined oak veneer door with optional archglass window
  • Gateshead – Intricately carved mahogany door with elegant stained glass
  • Hastings – Understated, arts-and-crafts inspired oak door with sidelight
  • Carlisle – Sophisticated oak door and sidelight combination with lead glass

Patio Doors

ProVia patio doors beautifully open up rooms to outdoor living areas while delivering year-round performance. We offer these adjustable slider and swing options:

Aeris Sliding Patio Doors

  • Contemporary fiberglass sliding door matching modern architecture
  • Heavy-duty construction and quad ball bearing rollers for lifetime smooth operation
  • Options include transoms, colored frames, hardware finishes and coastal impact glass

Endure Sliding Patio Doors

  • Fiberglass sliding patio door made for everyday use
  • Foam-filled composite frame provides thermal efficiency
  • Available in 2, 3, and 4 panel configurations
  • Optional security features like locking handles and roller cams

Regency Swinging French Patio Doors

  • Beautiful, solid wood interior doors that open room to outdoor living space
  • Energy efficient, resistant to warping, swelling and sticking
  • Custom coloring, staging and hardware available
  • Sidelight and transom combinations possible
ProVia Door & Entryway Styles Offered in Wichita
Signet Fiberglass Doors
Heritage Wood Doors
Elevate Your Home with Mid America Exteriors
Why Choose Aluminum Siding?

Replacing Just the Panels of Your Existing Patio Door

If the frame of your current patio door is structurally sound, Mid America Exteriors can replace just the panels with new ProVia door panels so you can refresh the look without replacing the entire surround. Benefits include:

  • Cost Savings – Only replacing panels rather than full door is more affordable
  • Convenience – We handle onsite measurements and seamless panel integration
  • Same Day Installation – New ProVia panels installed rapidly keeping disruption brief
  • Eco-Friendly – Repurposing existing frame is sustainable solution

So if worn seals or outdated aesthetics are an issue but your current patio door frame still has life left, ProVia panel replacement retains functionality while restoring beauty.

ProVia Door Collections Perfectly Match Wichita Area Home Styles

With traditional neighborhoods filled with arts-and-crafts bungalows and picturesque Victorians plus modern designs and new contemporary builds, homes in Wichita showcase diverse architectural styles. That’s why for every unique home, ProVia offers coordinating collections with entry doors, windows, siding and trim possibilities to achieve holistic style:

Traditional Wood Collection

Heritage wood doors, Verastone vinyl siding, and Victorian accents like friezes, corbels, and turned posts effortlessly capture the charm of Wichita traditional homes.

Modern Farmhouse Collection

Mixing modern ease and rural character, clean Aeris sliding doors, Board+Batten siding, sleek shutters and minimalist windows communicate Farmhouse simplicity.

Cedar Grove Collection

With aesthetic flexibility, Cedar Grove options like Pinnacle doors, shakes, scallops and posts combined with durable Cedar Discovery siding seamlessly fit Wichita’s varied housing styles.

Contemporary Collection

Eclipse modern doors, Cedar Impressions siding, flush entries and expansive windows make a striking contemporary statement.

With ProVia’s interchangeable products, Mid America Exteriors helps Wichita homeownersCurate beautiful exterior visions matching both classic and modern regional homes.

Contact Mid America Exteriors to Order Your ProVia Door

Are you ready to explore ProVia’s exceptional doors that beautify, protect, and add value to Wichita homes? Mid America Exteriors simplifies the shopping and installation process.

Call (316) 265-5444 to request a free quote and design consultation so we can determine which sturdy, energy efficient, customized ProVia door is the ideal fit for your home and budget.

We proudly serve all of Wichita plus nearby towns like Andover, Maize, Hutchinson, Derby, Newton, Valley Center, Haysville, El Dorado, Augusta and more.

Timely & Efficient

Frequently Asked Questions About ProVia Doors in Wichita

ProVia doors are made in America at their manufacturing facility in Ohio using quality finishes, hardware, weatherstripping and insulation materials for superior durability. Entry doors are foam insulated with an R factor over 17.

Our authorized dealership offers custom sizing, painting and staining, decorative glass insert options, sidelight and transom additions, hardware selection, and much more to perfectly personalize your ProVia door.

As an authorized dealer providing accurate measurements and professional installation, Mid America Exteriors guarantees the full value of your ProVia investment. Pricing is competitive and varies based on door type, size, customization and installation needs.

Fiberglass is 8x stronger than wood, offers more style options than steel, resists Kansas weather extremes without maintenance, provides long-lasting color stability, and achieves energy savings up to 7x better insulated than wood.

With intricate details like jambs, thresholds, entry slopes, and wall openings, our installers are product experts using advanced measuring devices for submillimeter precision specific to each configuration ensuring perfect ProVia door fit.

Yes. Our teams fully manage the door replacement process including removal and environmentally responsible disposal of old doors along with installing your stunning new ProVia door quickly and skillfully.

As a Kansas-based brand with manufacturing and warehouse facilities within the state, we fulfill ProVia orders rapidly. Average lead time from order to installation is only 2-3 weeks.

We are authorized ProVia installers experienced in skillfully fitting both their high performance patio and entry door product lines within Wichita region homes.

ProVia doors themselves come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As an authorized dealer, Mid America Exteriors also provides a Workmanship Warranty on all our professional installations for complete peace of mind.

Call (316) 265-5444 or contact us online to request your free, no-strings-attached ProVia door replacement quote today!

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