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Shake & Shingle Siding

Shake & Shingle Siding Installation in Wichita, KS

Mid America Exteriors is a siding installation company with over 30 years of expertise providing quality shake and shingle siding solutions for homeowners in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. As experienced installers working with top brands, we can transform the exterior of your home with beautiful, durable new siding tailored to match your style and budget.

Why Choose Shake and Shingle Siding?

Shake and shingle siding offers distinctive aesthetics perfect for many home design styles.

Wood Shake Siding

  • Gives homes a timeless, natural wood look
  • Variety of color and stain options
  • Textured appeal unmatched by other sidings
  • Highly durable and rot-resistant wood types

Asphalt Shingle Siding

  • Mimics appearance of wood shake at lower cost
  • Fire-resistant synthetic and natural materials
  • Many color choices from neutral to bold hues
  • Low-maintenance, long-lasting exterior protection

Both shake and shingle transform your curb appeal into a beautiful, unique facade. Their rich textures provide visual depth and character to make your property stand out.

When properly installed by Mid America Exteriors, they also deliver superior performance as a strong line of defense from weather and wear-and-tear over decades in Wichita seasons.

Mid America's Siding Installation Expertise

With over 30 years of experience installing all types of siding in Wichita, KS, Mid America Exteriors brings proven expertise to every project. All of our installers are highly trained to follow best practices for quality and durability.

For shake and shingle siding specifically, we have mastered the specialized techniques to properly integrate it into your home’s exterior. Key elements of our process include:

Precision Measurements

Careful measurements ensure perfect fitting panels tailored to your home’s dimensions.

Meticulous Placement

Proper spacing, alignment and nailing patterns provide stability and keep water drainage channels clear.

Attention to Detail

Corners, edges, windows and trim require special care to look seamless and prevent issues over time.

Focus on Safety

Keeping work area secure is a top priority for your home’s protection throughout the shake and shingle installation process.

Our systematic approach allows us to complete installations efficiently while ensuring the meticulous precision necessary for optimal performance and lifespan of the materials.

We also handle the full process smoothly including permits and inspections as well as removal and disposal of your old siding. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you choose Mid America for your shake and shingle siding project.

Shake & Shingle Siding Costs

Investing in your home’s new siding is a major project, which is why part of our process is providing you an exact installation price quote tailored to your property. Shake and shingle siding costs depend on several variables:

Siding Material Type

  • Wood shake, composite shake, asphalt architectural shingles
  • Grade/quality: standard, premium or supreme
  • Specialty treatments: textures, finishes, fire/impact resistance


  • Installation costs factor square footage, stories, ease of access
  • Additional charges may apply: removing old siding, repairs, custom fabrication

Additional Expenses

  • Permits, disposal fees, sealants/hardware

Mid America Exteriors meets with you to measure your home’s unique specifications. We work with your budget to select high quality, affordable siding materials that match your target investment.

There are no hidden fees or charges — the quoted price after our site evaluation covers the full project. We also help finalize any required permits and approvals with the city for smooth processing.

Shake & Shingle Siding Costs

Why Mid America Exteriors?

With over a decade proudly serving Wichita, KS homeowners, Mid America Exteriors has built a reputation as a trusted provider of siding installations and exterior remodels. We believe the customer experience is vital, which is why we guarantee:

Quality Craftsmanship

  • Highly skilled installers trained to manufacturer specifications
  • Leadership team oversees process to verify excellent work
  • Careful project management protects your home and property

Reliable Process

  • Detailed quote and timeline specific to your project
  • Clear contracts outlining terms to avoid surprises
  • Open communication every step from start to finish

Exceptional Service

  • Hassle-free insurance claims assistance
  • Flexible payment options: credit card, check, financing
  • Simple warranty and maintenance guidance after project completion

Don’t just take our word — read reviews and testimonials from happy Wichita homeowners sharing their positive experiences working with Mid America Exteriors for their siding projects over the years.

Our proven expertise, quality installations and congenial service is why homeowners in Wichita repeatedly choose us as their trusted siding company.

Contact us today at (316) 265-5444 to schedule your free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

For further details on siding replacement, costs and our installation services, read over the FAQs below. Feel free to reach out with additional questions — we are happy to help as you consider a shake or shingle siding project.

The full process from initial quote to completing the siding project takes 2-6 weeks depending on materials selected. We guide you seamlessly through:

  1. On-site Measure: We create precision measurements to customize the siding solution to your home’s architecture.
  2. Estimate: You will receive a detailed quote outlining the selected siding solution with all associated costs.
  3. Contract & Deposit: Once you approve the quote, we finalize the contract and secure your installation date.
  4. Permit Approvals: We submit all necessary permits and handle communications with city offices.
  5. Prep Work: On the start date, we prepare the installation site and protect landscaping.
  6. Old Siding Removal: We safely take off existing siding materials if applicable.
  7. Installation: Our crew meticulously installs the new siding over the course of agreed timeline.
  8. Inspections & Approvals: We coordinate all intermediate and final inspections by the city.
  9. Site Clean Up: Upon completion, we do final clean up and haul away construction debris.
  10. Payment: Once city approvals are received, we submit invoice for remaining project balance.

All Mid America Exteriors siding installers have 5-10+ years of professional experience in exterior remodels. Many have additional credentials and training on manufacturer best practices. Our project leads bring 15-20 years of siding and remodeling expertise to manage crews and troubleshoot any issues. The owner directly oversees installations to guarantee quality craftsmanship.

Yes, Mid America Exteriors provides manufacturer warranties on siding materials covering defects and performance over decades. We also guarantee our professional installation workmanship for 5 years. Plus all city permits and approvals offer additional peace of mind that projects meet rigorous standards. Adding extra reassurance, our A+ BBB accreditation demonstrates our trusted reputation earned over more than 10 years locally serving Wichita area homeowners.

We provide detailed care instructions for your new shake or shingle siding customized to the manufacturer specifications. But in general, the required maintenance is minimal. Key tips are ensuring the siding can dry properly after rains and periodically clearing debris/dirt buildup by gently spraying with low-pressure wash. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. Beyond that, simply enjoy the beautiful new facade enhancing your home for 30+ years in the Kansas weather conditions.

With siding, the cost per square foot can have a wide range based on home architecture, materials and accessories needed for top quality installation. By meeting at your site, our specialists can take exact measurements of all exterior planes, stories, corners etc. to provide the most accurate quote possible tailored to your actual project parameters vs. averages. This precision gives you reliability to feel fully confident moving forward with an accurate budget and timeline — no surprises down the road.

Yes, Mid America Exteriors has extensive experience assisting homeowners with using insurance claim funds to cover the costs of siding storm damage repairs or general replacement projects. We provide any required documentation, interact directly with your adjusters and work to maximize approved amounts based on the policy specifics. Let us handle this major hassle! 

We typically can begin most siding installation projects within 2-3 weeks from signing the contract depending on current workload, crew availability, permitting etc. We strive to start as quickly as feasible, in many cases within 1 week for smaller homes. For whole house projects, new siding installation commonly takes 5-7 business days total. We can install shake or shingle siding even throughout winter months as warranted based on weather conditions and temperatures.

Key aspects to analyze in each siding quote beyond just the bottom line price include:

  • Material grade/quality: higher grades improve durability
  • Thickness gauge: higher numbers add stability
  • Warranty coverage terms: longer = better protected
  • Accessory inclusions: corner posts, trim, sealants etc.
  • Labor warranty period: 5 years minimum recommended
  • Beware limited “lifetime” warranties – read the fine print exclusions

Doing an apples-to-apples comparison on every line item and detail helps determine the best value siding investment for your home.

For open-joint shake or shingle, we recommend a water-resistive barrier (house wrap) covered by a rainscreen system. This uses a second layer of furring strips with drainage channels behind the siding. The house wrap blocks bulk moisture while allowing any small amounts that infiltrate to drain down and dry quickly. This prevents pooled water contact with the exterior sheathing that could cause rot over time. We have expert solutions to meet code requirements and manufacturer specs.

While extreme care is taken to protect your home, accidents can sporadically happen with any construction project. If any damage whatsoever occurs on our watch, you pay $0 costs. We have specialty insurance that handles claims rapidly and fairly with no deductible or risk for clients. Any needed repairs are fixed at our sole expense. This gives you total assurance selecting Mid America Exteriors knowing your property remains safe as we transform the exterior into a beautiful new showcase.