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ProVia Siding Installation in Wichita, KS by Mid America Exteriors

Mid America Exteriors is your professional siding company providing ProVia siding installation and replacement services in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of expertise specializing in siding services, we are your trusted partners to take care of all your exterior siding needs.

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Why Choose ProVia Siding ?

ProVia is an industry leader known for their high-quality, durable vinyl and steel siding products. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing ProVia siding for your Wichita home or business:

Exceptional Durability

Made of resilient vinyl or steel, ProVia sidings are built to last through the toughest weather conditions. Their vinyl formulations and thick steel gauging provide excellent protection against fades, stains, impacts, and more over decades of use. ProVia products undergo rigorous lab testing, real-world field trials, and strict quality control checks to ensure long-lasting performance.

ProVia vinyl sidings stay flexible and dent-resistant in extreme cold while retaining shape and color stability in intense heat. Their ColorConnect steel sidings feature protective multilayer finishes resisting corrosion, scratches, and UV damage. Both live up to their claims of durability thanks to sturdy material science and engineering.

Low-Maintenance Finish

Once correctly installed by Mid America Exteriors’ certified siding specialists, ProVia products require very minimal upkeep. As they do not rot, dent, or peel paint like other sidings, your exteriors stay looking fresh for longer.

The durable polymers and layered finishes of ProVia vinyl and steel sidings maintain their as-new sheen for decades with an occasional low-pressure rinse being the only maintenance needed. No expensive painting, scraping, or staining required. This saves homeowners and business owners countless hassles and expenses over the lifecycle.

Energy Efficiency

With advanced insulating vinyl backers and finishes, ProVia siding additions substantially reduce energy loss from building exterior walls. This saves money on energy bills by lowering demands on heating and cooling systems – providing warmer interiors in winter and cooler ones in summer.

ProVia leverages innovative material science, profiling, structural enhancements, and installation techniques to make their sidings excel in wall insulation performance testing. Less exterior air and temperature infiltration means greater cost savings for homeowners and businesses using natural gas, electricity, etc.

Customizable Styles

From traditional lap sidings to unique shakes, scallops, and other profiles, ProVia offers various aesthetic options to match your home architecture and personal taste. Their color palettes include both popular contemporary shades and wood-mimicking natural tones.

Mid America Exteriors provides factory color-matched trim pieces, starter strips, channels, corner posts, and other structural accents for harmonized looks. This allows creating bespoke designing with ProVia sidings that elevates curb appeal. We make the most of their extensive style and color selection.

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Why Choose Mid America Exteriors for Your ProVia Siding Installation

With vast experience as authorized ProVia installers in Wichita, KS, Mid America Exteriors’ skilled siding application crews deliver top-notch exterior remodeling services:

Specialized Expertise

Our decade-plus tenure installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining ProVia sidings of all types makes us true experts in these products. We know the proven methodology, structure, accessories etc. inside out to actualize durable, lasting siding projects exceeding client expectations.

Our ProVia siding crew foremen have undergone technical product training directly from the manufacturer. They translate that knowledge into precise field implementation combined with lessons learned from hundreds of local installations – optimizing value.

Start-to-Finish Handling

We oversee your entire siding project from initial property assessment to final walkthrough inspection for quality and building code compliance – no gaps between responsibility. Our in-house teams handle surveys, quote drafting, permit filings, materials staging, installation scheduling and supervision start to finish.

This ensures proper project scoping, product mix selection, weatherproofing considerations, underlying structure checks, specialized tool usage – all important facets we manage under one roof for your peace of mind hiring Mid America Exteriors as your ProVia certified siding contractor.

Attention to Detail

From properly aligning every overlapping joint to sealing every exposed edge, our BPI certified siding specialists handle the fine installation particulars that make or break curb appeal and weather sealing performance.

We account for intricacies like interlocking staggered facia arrangements, correct fastener spacing, field fabricating custom window flashings, integrating guttering transitions, and configuring insulation and water barrier layers to manufacturer guidelines. Paying attention to such finer points results in distinguishes quality.

Locally Established

As a Wichita-based company working with regional ProVia distributors and aligned local tradespeople, we provide specialized area expertise and facilitate quicker customer coordination from sale to service. Our reputation within the community as a credible siding provider makes the decision easier.

Being locally established also allows us to tap into neighborly feedback for continuous improvement through open testimonials, reviews, and conversations sharing pros/cons of different ProVia applications. This grounds us in real experiences for advising what performs best on local homes.

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ProVia Siding Services Offered in Wichita, KS

Leveraging our in-depth ProVia product knowledge and localized siding installation experience, Mid America Exteriors provides:

New Siding Installation

We handle initial full siding jobs including structural evaluations, permitting, wall preparation, insulation enhancement, moisture protection, ProVia product placement, integrated trim alignments, and finishing touches. This delivers transformed exteriors.

Siding Replacements

To upgrade fading or damaged existing siding, we properly remove materials while minimizing collateral effects before swapping in new, durable ProVia cladding correctly configured to your home’s specifications. This provides renewed, long-lasting exteriors.

Siding Repairs

For small isolated problem areas in your current siding, we cut out just the defects and seamlessly integrate color-matched replacement ProVia pieces into the whole utilizing for minimal intervention and maximal reuse.

Siding Cleaning

Over time, exteriors collect dirt, mold, mildew etc. leading to unsightly dark streaks down walls and potential material degradation if left. Our techs thoroughly yet gently power wash to brighten up your ProVia while removing potentially damaging debris.

Siding Inspections

Through our thorough annual siding check-ups, we spot early wear-and-tear signs like loosened edges, surface nicks, and sealant failures then suggest proactive fixes to uphold durability guarantees on your ProVia installs. This prevents small issues ballooning into costly repairs down the road.

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For a customized ProVia siding installation or repair proposal from our Wichita exterior specialists at Mid America Exteriors, call (316) 265-5444 or contact us online.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ProVia Siding Services

Still have some questions about ProVia sidings or working with Mid America Exteriors? Browse our most common FAQs:

Engineered for endurance using quality materials and protective finishes, rigorously tested in controlled and real-world settings, precision manufactured in company owned facilities allowing strict quality control oversight – these attributes make ProVia exceptional quality sidings outlasting and outperforming competitors. 

As many specifications like home layout, material grades, accessory needs etc. impact pricing, full ProVia siding installation costs vary by individual property. Mid America Exteriors provides personalized quotes after assessing your unique exterior requirements against ProVia’s good-better-best product lines.

For lasting Kansas weatherability, we recommend 0.100 gauge ProVia Legacy double thick insulated vinyl siding or 26+ gauge ColorConnect steel siding. The extreme cold/hot resilience and impact strength provide ideal durability. We specify correct material density for your walls.

Yes. Unlike competitors, impressively ProVia offers impact damage protection warranties against hail strikes on many vinyl and steel siding lines – protecting homeowners post-install. Terms like lifetime limited on Legacy ci, 50 years on Endure ci speak to exceptional weatherability. 

Yes, while challenging, we can install ProVia steel sidings over existing brick following proper procedures – like furring out new framing over the masonry facade secured into mortar beds vs. just bricks. This allows enjoying ProVia benefits minus demolition. 

ProVia’s sidings outclass most competitors on metrics like durability, longevity, certification ratings, warranty coverage, aesthetics variety, certified installer programs, and technical guidance. We consider them a cut above through our extensive industry experience. 

Yes. Any wall sections showing water damage, dry rot, or structural issues must be addressed through repairs or replacements first to create sound structures before ProVia sidings installation for proper bonding and lifespan. We inspect and qualify wall integrity.

Mix a mild soap and water solution. Using a soft bristle brush with extendable handle, gently hand scrub dirty ProVia siding to lift surface dirt without harming the durable polymer finish which rejects some pressure washing. Rinse clean with low psi garden hose. 

We provide matching accessory pieces like corners, trim, molding etc. with ProVia’s ColorConnect system ensuring consistent looks. For functions like drainage and insect protection, their products integrate with market guttering, vented soffits, sealants etc. We handle complementary spec’ing. 

While personal aesthetic preference plays a big role, we help determine which ProVia profile works best for your home type/layout, climate considerations, surrounding exterior features etc. A combination of lap, shakes, verticals etc. can also provide nice visual breaks.

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